Mike Luque Training – GYROTONIC® Training in Oakland, CA

What are your fitness goals?

How do you want to feel, look and move?

Mike Luque, GYROTONIC training in Oakland, CAGood luck making it through a single day in the United States without having the fact that we’re all supposed to be exercising on a regular basis being rammed down your throat.

And that’s not a bad thing!

As I’ve said hundreds of times, our bodies did not evolve to sit at a desk/couch and stare at a computer or television. We’re naturally hunters & gatherers. The modern life has sapped us of our need to move and be physically active in order to survive. So it’s time to hit the gym.

My training philosophy:

We’re not working to get you better at weight lifting or GYROTONIC®, we’re getting you better at moving your body.
This is an important distinction. A bit too often in my field, the purpose and goal is lost within the system. The more specific the system, the more often the instructor starts to believe and train as though the goal is to get better at that system. And that is the case. Even in yoga, the goal is not to become better at yoga, but to become better at being a complete human through yoga. The same is true of all systems: pilates, GYROTONIC®, kettlebells, etc. A rare exception is people who’s goal is to be a competitive olympic or power lifter. Yes, then your goal is the system itself. Otherwise, think outside the system, even while completely immersed in it.

And right along those lines, GYROTONIC® will help you be better at using your body.

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I’ve been a GYROTONIC® instructor since 1999 and it’s my #1 passion. I’ve immersed myself into GYROTONIC® far more than any other type of work I’ve ever done. I’m constantly learning more about the system and about how to apply it to the needs of my clients. I honestly consider it a nearly limitless system of movement. In my day to day life training clients, both in GYROTONIC® and traditional resistance training, I pay strong attention to form and posture. Whatever you do at the gym shows up in how you move outside the gym, not just in your six-pack and manly pecs. And to me, nothing offers more options and possibilities to teach you how to move your body than GYROTONIC®. But as specific as I get during a session, looking at every little detail, the purpose, again, is to train you how to know and use your body, not to be “good” at GYROTONIC®.

As specific as we GYROTONIC® trainers can get and as precisely as we eventually want our clients to be able to move, we still want you to have fun. Believe me, if GYROTONIC® wasn’t an enjoyable way to move, there’s no way I’d have dedicated 16 years of my life (so far!) to practicing and studying this great work. it feels good to do GYROTONIC®, every single time.

Come see me near beautiful Lake Merritt in Oakland.

I see clients & teach classes at The Working Body, a studio offering a wide array of training and wellness options. I’m available for private and semi-private GYROTONIC® and weight training sessions and also teach GYROTONIC® group tower classes twice a week. Also at The Working Body, I am also available for traditional personal training. Want to pick up and put down heavy things? Want to swing the kettlebells? Hammer out a workout with the battle ropes? I can do that too.

I look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

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