Free consultation: find out how training with me can help you!

You want to start taking better care of your body but aren't sure how to start.

During a free consultation, you'll get a taste of GYROTONIC training.There are so many choices, from home video workouts, to group classes to endless advice from magazine and websites to private training. All of these options have their good points and each have drawbacks. So how do you figure out which path to take? Well, how would you know what to do if something was wrong with your shower or your car?

You talk to a professional.

Magazines and website like this are good sources of general information but you're not a general person. You're an individual. You have specific goals and specific needs. You may also have specific pains and there are generally very specific things that can cause those pains. A magazine can't look at your posture, find out how tight your hamstrings are or check the strength of your core.

As a professional trainer with over 15 years of experience, dozens of trainings and thousands of session hours, I can do those things and more.

Come get a 30 minute free consultation and I'll guide you to your next step.

Before you even arrive you'll have filled out an online health history form so when you arrive we won't have to spend your valuable time with pen and paper. We'll go over your history and how that relates your goals. We'll talk about what's realistic, what level of commitment and work your goals will take to reach and I'll point out the things about the physical condition of your body that you wouldn't even know to ask.

Come in with a friend and get a consultation about semi private training


The main points of focus we'll look at are:

  1. Static postural assessment - How do you stand? The uneven distribution of weight into your joints due to postural distortion can cause pain and long term joint dysfunction and damage.
  2. Basic gait assessment - How do you walk? Human bodies are designed to move in specific, functional patterns when walking and if your gait isn't following these patterns you could be causing yourself pain and damage with every step you take.
  3. Primal movement assessment - What does your body do when you attempt to squat? Along with walking, a squat motion is a primal movement you've done since childhood. By examining how you move in a squat we can uncover movement and muscular imbalances.
  4. Basic balance assessment - Can you support yourself standing on one leg? Balance is far more than your inner ear. It's how your body integrates the information coming from the inner ear, your eyes and the nerves at all your joints that tell your body where the joint is and how it's moving. 
  5. Objective joint ranges of motion - Depending on your your chief complaint, we'll use a goniometer to measure your active joint ranges of motion in isolation. This is a great objective way clarify imbalances and to see the verifiable results of your training.

If changing your body composition is part of your goals (ie. you want to "lose weight"), we'll take your body composition measurements using the 7 site skin fold method. I don't talk about "weight" and I encourage my clients to stop thinking in terms of "weight". It's all about your composition. How much of your body is fat and how much is lean mass. We'll find those numbers out, then talk about how to optimize them. More than 60% of any change in your body composition is how you're eating, so we'll use your measurements to set a goal of macronutrients to guide your meal planning.

Getting you on the equipment

After we've done any assessments and measurements, we'll spend some time on the GYROTONIC® equipment so you can get a feel for the type of work we'll do to help you achieve your goals. The GYROTONIC® Expansion System is incredibly broad and has numerous applications for corrective and rehabilitative work. The system works your whole body so while we will have a focus on the challenges we've discussed, we'll also do great general strengthening and conditioning exercises so you come out of your training better than "not in pain".

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