Weekly Group GYROTONIC® Classes in Oakland

Group GYROTONIC® classes are a great part of any workout program.

Group GYROTONIC Classes at The Working BodyWhether you're new to GYROTONIC® or you're a certified professional trainer, a group class is a great way to add another workout to your week.

If you have an established GYROTONIC® practice, a group class is a great way to sharpen your skills, increase your repertoire and get answers to questions that you discover when you're doing your own workouts.

If you are the type who likes to move your body and hit your muscles in as many ways as possible, a group class is a great way to add GYROTONIC® to your fitness arsenal. You'll increase your flexibility and mobility, your core strength and your coordination. Then you can take all that new info and use it in your other fitness pursuits.

The GYROTONIC® classes at The Working Body are called "petite classes". There are only 4 participants per class. This gives every participant the chance to have some personalized attention in every class. Have you ever taken a group fitness class and felt lost or unnoticed? That won't happen in my classes.

Schedule of GYROTONIC® Classes at the Working Body

There are classes available six days a week at The Working Body:

Day Time Teacher
Mon 6:30 pm Me (Monday is an advanced class.)
Tues Noon Erin
Wed 6:15 pm Krystyna
Thur Noon Me
Sat 11:30 am Mona
Sun 10:00 am Krystyna
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If you're new to GYROTONIC® training, there is a "learning curve"

So you like the way GYROTONIC® looks and you like the potential benefits, whether it's improving your golf game or to help your body handle your pregnancy. But you've never done it before and you don't want to feel lost or overwhelmed.

Perfect time for an introductory package of three GYROTONIC® private sessions.

When taking group GYROTONIC® classes, there are some basics you need to know in order to keep the class flowing. You need a basic vocabulary of exercises and you need to know how to set up the machine to your size and to the various weights you might use during the different groups of exercises. Three private sessions will give you the basic knowledge you need to feel comfortable in a group setting.

3 Session Intro Package - $180.oo - just $60.00 per session

Whether you're new or a GYROTONIC® veteran, there's always something to gain from group class.

I hope to see you soon.

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