Don't buy non-fat yogurt. You need a healthy source of fat.

Put down the zero fat yogurt and step away! You NEED dietary fat.

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Even in the midst of an obesity epidemic, we still need to eat fats. Recently I was enjoying one of my stand by recipes, slow cooked beans and vegetables. However, I wasn’t following my own recipe and my “healthy” diet was about to be sabotaged… by fat! But not because I was eating too much.

Counting Calories? Don’t waist your time.

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Why are you counting calories? Your body doesn’t “need” them. So you want to change your body composition. This is the ratio of lean body mass to body fat. It’s the healthiest way to think about your “weight”. Weight as a raw number doesn’t really tell you alot. You’ve frequently heard that to change your […]

Aerobic exercise is essential but doesn't have to be boring.

Aerobic Exercise is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle.

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Aerobic exercise is essential but people get it wrong in both directions. The possibilities in aerobic exercise probably generate more unnecessary “debates” than any other single fitness concept. But make no mistake, a properly programmed cardio workout program is essential to physical fitness and doing it right is easy. But don’t be That Guy ===>