Phyllis Y.

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I had a hip repair surgery in August 2012 and had 4 months of physical therapy but was left with minimal range of motion in my hip and weak hip muscles. I continued to walk with a limp. I began seeing Mike in Dec. 2012 for Gyrotonic training. He did an excellent assessment and tailored my weekly sessions with exercises to improve my range of motion, strengthen the muscles, and walk with a more normal gait. I made more progress in 4 months with Mike than I had with the PT. To make a long story short, Mike moved back to San Francisco, the osteoarthritis in my hip progressed and I had a total hip replacement. I was home from the hospital in less than 24 hours, walking with a walker. I had an order for home PT 3 times a week for 3 weeks. The physical therapist was amazed at how well ( and painlessly) I was able to do the exercises. I advanced through the full range of exercises normally used for patients after a hip replacement. Less than 2 weeks after the surgery, I was able to walk without a cane both indoors and outdoors, drive and go up and down a full flight of stairs. The PT discharged me after 5 sessions( rarely done). My therapist was extremely impressed by my rapid progress. After telling her my story, including the exercises Mike used, she credits my rapid recovery to the work I did with Mike. I have no doubt that is the case.