GYROTONIC for golfers case study

Gyrotonic training for golfers case study: Andrew G

How can GYROTONIC® training for golfers help your game? Let's measure.

Many times I've been asked "What's the goal of GYROTONIC® training?" To me, the answer is "The system itself has no goal. What are YOUR goals?" The point of any exercise system should be about helping the client reach their goals, not to have the system itself be a goal.

Gyrotonic training for golfers has been discussed as a way to help golfers improve their game.

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There is nothing you're supposed to feel. What you feel comes from your nervous system.

Friday Quick Tip: What am I supposed to feel in GYROTONIC® training?

A common question all trainers hear is “What am I supposed to feel?”

Here’s the answer I most commonly give:

There is no answer to that question.

Sure, with a simple movement like a biceps curl, it’s pretty easy and obvious what you’re “supposed to feel”. Your biceps.

But what about a complex, multiplanar motion, which is what almost every GYROTONIC® exercise qualifies as.

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Exercise for busy parents from The Good Life

5 ways a Busy Parent can stay fit – from The Good Life

6:00 am in person wake up call by my 2 year old…

Fitness for the busy parent - guest post from The Good Lifeclosely followed by his two older siblings. Breakfast, clothes, pack lunch, pack snack, wash up, school drop off for the older kid then several hours with my two boys before I head to work for a couple hours then back to school for a pick up then home to finish the afternoon with my older child who was gone all day, then dinner, (sometimes work again), wash up, bed time, house cleanup, then……

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Yoga breathing exercises for improved health and performance.

New Breathing Exercise – Bahya Kumbhak: the Extended No Breath

Breathing isn’t just inhaling and exhaling. What about in between?

Krishnamacharya demonstrating the extended no breath

Unless you’re hyperventilating, there are spaces between breaths, both after the inhale and after the exhale.

Most of the time, you won’t notice or pay attention to these spaces. But each of them has value and spending some time expanding both of the retained segments of a complete breath

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Exercise questions and answers

Exercise questions and answers, part 2

Lots of people have lots of questions about exercise.

And there are many place people look for answers. Once in a while I’ll jump onto one of those site and offer reasonable advice. Two sites with lots of exercise questions and answers are Quora and Sharecare. I’ve been answering questions on both since 2012. Here are a few of the answers I gave to their visitors’ questions.

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