Join me in my 40 day breathing exercise challenge

I’ve begun a 40 day breathing exercise challenge. Join me!

While researching a breathing exercise I read about (Sudarshan Kriya) I came across a video that described the exercise, how many rounds you should do and what time frame you should use to really learn and integrate the exercise/practice. The teacher, Anmol Mehta, states that in Kundalini yoga, a practice should be done for 40 days in a row to really understand and get results from a practice.

While I really enjoy breathing exercises and have practiced them regularly for over 17 years, I’ve never chosen a single practice and stuck with it for 40 days.

A 40 day breathing exercise challenge will benefit your diligence and patience

For me, one of the most challenging aspects of this, um, challenge, will be patience. I found this video after already completing 21 continuous days of doing one breathing exercise per day. But I was mixing it up, which is what lead me to look for this video. There are so many great breathing exercises that I like to do each of them once in a while. But if I’m going to be someone who promotes breathing exercises, I should be doing a practice more legitimately.

Join me in a 40 day breathing exercise challengeAnd that’ll be an interesting challenge. Patience. The ability to calm my need to reach and grasp for this and that, to seek variety for variety’s sake. Yes, all the breathing exercises I enjoy, like Alternate Nostril Breathing and Kapalabhati are enjoyable but to really be a student, I must really study. While any breathing exercise will calm the mind in the moment, committing to one breathing exercise for 40 days will calm the mind in another way.

I’m even going to commit to the challenge further by not doing any other breathing exercise during this time. I had originally thought I would do the 40 days and also add in another exercise once in a while for the enjoyment and variety. Instead, I’ll keep my focus, keep my mental calmness and stability by sticking to only one exercise the entire time.

My choice for this breathing exercise challenge will be Alternate Nostril Breathing

I’ve mentioned before how this is my favorite breathing exercise, although the Sudarshan Kriya could topple it! There are both physical, mental and spiritual benefits to the Nadi Sodhana practice and some of those physical/mental benefits have been measured by science. Since this has been my favorite for more than 15 years, it seem a no-brainer to use this exercise for this 40 day breathing exercise challenge.

So join me! Choose one breathing exercise and commit to it!

Even if you’ve never built a strong practice of breathing exercises, you can do this! If you don’t have a strong practice, start simply with Diaphragmatic Breathing. If that’s no problem and you want to challenge yourself, move up to the Yogi Complete Breath.

Use the comments below to let me know which exercise you’re choosing. Be sure to choose “Notify of new follow-up comments” to keep track of everyone’s challenge and to keep inspired!

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