Is bulletproof coffee worth all the hype?

Why bulletproof coffee is not miraculous for weight loss.

The ketogenic diet, coconut oil & bulletproof coffee: what they have in common, and why they’re not miraculous for weight loss

The ketogenic diet and bulletproof coffee are all the rage, the hot topic of discussion on social media and in gyms. Is there any validity to the big bulletproof fad? In this guest post, registered dietitian Lindsay Orbeta, MS, RD, CSSD, gives us some real scientific information on bulletproof coffee, coconut oil and a real ketogenic diet.

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Canola oil comes from a canola plant, not rapeseed.

Quick Tip: Stop demonizing canola oil. It is not poison.

Another nonsense food myth: canola oil is dangerous

Don't believe internet myths about canola oilIf you care about your health and work to avoid the SAD (standard American diet… which is pretty sad), you may have chosen to avoid canola oil after reading “health” news blogs. Most of these very popular blogs are the Chicken Little of the clickbait world.

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Protein Smoothie Recipes - from Mike Luque Training

Protein smoothie recipes to help balance your nutrition.

Do you find it challenging to get all the protein you need?

I found out that it’s challenging for me.

I’ve been careful to make sure I get protein with every meal and healthy snack I eat. Well… OK, I cheat sometimes. But I’ve recently been getting much more detailed about the nutrition needs of my clients,

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NatureBox – A great healthy snack choice – Product review

Are you looking for a great choice for your family’s healthy snacks?

NatureBox, a snack delivery service, might be just what you need.

I originally heard about NatureBox through one of their ads on Facebook. Since I make sure I have healthy snack food with me at work everyday, I was interested in anything that was reasonably priced, gave me a variety of snacks and was healthy.

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Counting Calories? Don’t waist your time.

Why are you counting calories? Your body doesn’t “need” them.

Counting calories doesn't tell you enough about your nutrition.So you want to change your body composition. This is the ratio of lean body mass to body fat. It’s the healthiest way to think about your “weight”. Weight as a raw number doesn’t really tell you alot.

You’ve frequently heard that to change your body composition,

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My recommendation for chia products, the Chia Co.

The Chia Co. chia seeds – Product Review

Chia seeds are my choice for getting Omega-3s.

The Chia Co. - a great source for chia seedsNo doubt you’ve read about the importance of getting omega-3s in your diet. They are an essential nutrient but our bodies can’t produce them internally. (Like the 9 essential amino acids) Natural sources of omega-3s are: fish (especially sardines and salmon), flax seed, walnuts, kale, seaweed and chia seed.

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