Use the space where you are as a tool for mindfulness meditation.

A mindfulness exercise that uses the space you’re in

You won’t find a simpler meditation practice than this.

Just sit in a room and pay attention to where you are.

Open monitoring is one of the two basic types of mindfulness exerciseThere are two types of mindfulness meditation practices/exercises. They are Focused Attention (in Buddhism, the Sanskrit term is shamatha) and Open Monitoring.

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The eyes of the Buddha. If you notice, they are open.

The focus in meditation? The eyes have it.

Should my eyes be open or closed during meditation?

This is easily one of the most common questions asked about meditation techniques. While meditation is a personal practice and there are no rules written in stone, there is a reason for my answer…

It’s best if your eyes are open.

Look at the picture above. That is a statue of the Buddha.

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11 Meditation myths that meditation will help eliminate

Are meditation myths keeping you from sitting and breathing?

You’ve heard hundreds of times that meditation is beneficial not only for your mental health & peace of mind but also for your professional success. But the little voice in your head doesn’t buy it. Are these meditation myths keeping you from quieting that little voice in your head?

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