Mallakhamb - Indian pole gymnastics

Mallakhamb – Pole dancing like you’ve never seen it.

When you usually think of pole dancing, you think of scantily clad women, right?

Well what about equally scantily clad men? Take away the sexuality and add in even crazier gymnastics and yogic flexibility and you’ve got Mallakhamb.

Originally used as a form of training for wrestlers, since 1958 Mallahkamb is it’s own competitive sport in India.

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Trail Running in Golden Gate Park

“Trail Running Rules!” or “Treadmill, you’re dead to me.”

When you’ve got the opportunity to be in nature, BE IN NATURE!

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.I admit that I have an unfair advantage relative to most of the world, especially other city dwellers.

Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach are outdoor gems and most people won’t have access to anything like them. To have a great inner city park, sure. To have a beach, sure. To have an inner city park with dirt paths

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Brandon Richey fitness

Interview with coach and kettlebell instructor Brandon Richey

Interview with coach and kettlebell instructor Brandon Richey

Our friend Henry over at GymTalk recently interviewed Brandon Richey, a well respected strength coach and kettlebell aficionado.

Brandon gave us some awesome tips on strength training and conditioning and he shared some of his experiences of being a top level strength coach.

Hi Brandon, thanks for talking to us today. Could you tell our readers a little bit more about yourself and Brandon Richey Fitness.

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Check out Kenichi Ebina showing what real body control looks like.

Kenichi Ebina shows what body control really is with this performance!

I’m not much for pop culture or “reality” tv, but once in a while…


Something comes along that is truly exceptional. Like Kenichi Ebina, for example.

I don’t currently own a television (hope you’re enjoying that gorgeous 37″ plasma TV, mom!) and even when I did, I never watch “reality” television. My television is pretty much for enjoying movies on Netflix.

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