Don't waste your time at the gym

Waste your time and drive me crazy with these 6 gym mistakes.

I’m back to doing personal training again.

Holding on to a treadmill on an incline is an annoying gym mistakeAnd man, you people do some really weird things while you’re at the gym.

For  the last three years, I’ve been working at a private GYROTONIC® and pilates studio. Everyone was either taking a class or a private session. There wasn’t anyone working out on their own. Now working in a regular gym again

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Healthy computer use will save your body, eyes and wallet.

Your computer might be important but your body is irreplaceable.

Healthy Computer use will save your back, eyes and wallet.Take it from someone who is in front of their computer entirely too much. Healthy computer use is vital to me and should be vital to you, too. My time using my computer is obviously very important to me, hence you even reading this, but never at the expense of my physical well being.

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Aerobic exercise is essential but doesn't have to be boring.

Aerobic Exercise is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle.

Aerobic exercise is essential but people get it wrong in both directions.

Aerobic Exercise is important... but don't be a treadmill zombie!

The possibilities in aerobic exercise probably generate more unnecessary “debates” than any other single fitness concept. But make no mistake, a properly programmed cardio workout program is essential to physical fitness and doing it right is easy.

But don’t be That Guy ===>

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