Ladder Leg Lifts – Side Lying Arch Curl

Side lying arch & curl from the Leg Lifts series

This video makes the exercise look deceptively easy. There's alot going on. One of the most important aspects of core strength is stability. In this exercise you've got to stabilize in all three planes of motion.

If you put your arms out to the sides, that is your frontal plane. Anything in front or behind you is your sagittal plane. And when you turn to either the left or the right, that's your transverse plane. In this side lying exercise on the Ladder, keeping the legs at the same level as the torso (and vise-versa) is stability in the frontal plane. The movement of your legs and upper body is in your sagittal plane and you've got to stabilize your pelvis so it stays perpendicular to the padded rung.

One simple looking exercise teaching your body stability in all planes of motion at once. Pretty awesome.

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