Wingmaster Setting 3 – Punchbowl

Punchbowl from Setting 3 with the Wingmaster

There are 6 ways you can move your spine. One of them, circumduction, is a circular movement of the spine, either internally or externally. The idea of this exercise is that its an internal circumduction if your spine was twice as long.

With internal circumduction, your spine makes a circle around the mid-line of your body at the level of the solar plexus, with the two ends of your spine staying in the same place. This exercise does the same thing, but the shoulder girdle is what's making the circle around the mid-line of your body.

Bringing the Wingmaster to your body in a high row while doing the spinal movement is both strengthening for the upper back muscles and the core. Adding spinal motions to rowing exercises requires your body to maintain a rowing motion while the muscles that perform the row and stabilize the torso are changing length in asymmetrical patterns. This trains your body to be able to perform a primary motion when you're not necessarily in the optimal, neutral spinal position you'll normally be in when you do a rowing exercise in traditional resistance training.

The circular motion also helps keep your inter-vertebral discs health through imbibition.

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