Online Gyrokinesis classes via Zoom

Move, stretch and strengthen. All from your home

Live and On-Demand classes available!

If you have a stool or armless chair and a few feet of open floor space, you can join me for Gyrokinesis classes via Zoom. You can join me live at 9 am HST on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, or take one of those classes on your on schedule with On-Demand.

Gyrokinesis class is a group exercise appropriate for all age groups and fitness levels. If you're deconditioned or have an injury (with doctor approval) you can do as much or as little of the class' movements as you can safely perform. If you're fit and injury free, you can get as much out of the class as you put into it.

A Gyrokinesis class is a workout, so work it!

Most people when first taking a few Gyrokinesis classes will consider it stretching exercises. They’ll feel their flexibility being challenged first. And that does make sense. You’ll need your physical and energetic channels to be open in order to find and feel the connections between the body segments, the core, the breathing and the world around you. But it really is only the beginning.

You wouldn’t want to just continuously get looser and looser, turning into a disconnected ragdoll. Once you’ve created opening and space for strength and energy to flow, you want to corral those lines of strength and energy channels back into each other and towards your seed center (lower dantiensvadhishthana-chakra).

The strength you gain from Gyrokinesis classes derives from the constant interchange of the three kinds of muscular contraction: concentric, eccentric and isometric. While performing a movements you’ll be using one set of muscles concentrically to move your bones into the culmination position while using the opposing set of muscles to stabilize your movements. The isometrics really come in with the constant activation of, essentially, the entire body. Nothing gets time off and all the motions are full body. You’re not throwing your bones around all willy-nilly. You can consider the isometrics as the thread that weaves the concentric and eccentric motions into a single, continuous, purposeful exercise.

If you take class regularly, save money by signing up for a membership or a package.

If you take Gyrokinesis classes regularly, sign up for the Monthly Membership. For $143.00 plus Hawaii GET, you get unlimited access to Live and On-Demand classes. One great thing about On-Demand is you don't even have to do the entire class. Not only can you catch any class you missed but you can go use the On-Demand classes to focus on sections of the class that you'd like to improve or that just feel really good.

At $143, it's the equivalent of taking 3 classes a week for just $11 a class. Heck, if you take only 2 classes a week it's only $16.50 a class, still less than the single class price.

If you love class but can't take 2 or 3 classes a week, you can save money by picking up a 5 or 10 pack of individual classes, which are valid for Live or On-Demand classes.

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