Community Gyrokinesis Class in Haiku

Oct 17 - Class is ON

Outdoor community GYROKINESIS® class in Haiku

Gyrokinesis class at 4th Marine Division Memorial Park

Get your day off to a great start with a Gyrokinesis class in the great outdoors.

Maui is the ideal setting for outdoor workouts. There really is no "winter" and even in "fall" we get lots of warm, sunny days.

In Gyrokinesis classes we cultivate a strong focus on breathing. This alone is an excellent benefit for your health. Now take the class from a gym/studio setting and add fresh air coming off the ocean, your nose and lungs will be filled with some of the cleanest air you could ask for.

We don't wear shoes during a Gyrokinesis class and your bare feet against the grass adds the benefits of grounding, using the negative ions of the earth to reduce the negative effects of being completely surrounded by electronics throughout most of our day.

And Gyrokinesis class has great benefits of it's own.

You’ll use similar motions as GYROTONIC® training, but without the guidance of machines. Like yoga, you do your own work, find your own connections, discover yourself.

Finding it all within yourself: strength, connections and freedom.

Similar to the equipment work, most people when starting the floor work will consider it stretching exercises. Similar to someone starting out in yoga, they’ll feel their flexibility being challenged first. And that does make sense. You’ll need your physical and energetic channels to be open in order to find and feel the connections between the body segments, the core, the breathing and the world around you. But it really is only the beginning.

You wouldn’t want to just continuously get looser and looser, turning into a disconnected ragdoll. Once you’ve created opening and space for strength and energy to flow, you want to corral those lines of strength and energy channels back into each other and towards your seed center.

The strength you gain from Gyrokinesis classes derives from the constant interchange of the three kinds of muscular contraction: concentric, eccentric and isometric. While performing a movements you’ll be using one set of muscles concentrically to move your bones into the culmination position while using the opposing set of muscles to stabilize your movements. The isometrics really come in with the constant activation of, essentially, the entire body. Nothing gets time off and all the motions are full body. You’re not throwing your bones around all willy-nilly. You can consider the isometrics as the thread that weaves the concentric and eccentric motions into a single, continuous, purposeful exercise.

Community class, bright and early Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Come to the only Gyrokinesis class on Maui at the Fourth Marine Division Memorial Park on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30 am and move your body in nature.

You'll need a stool and either a yoga mat or a beach towel. (I prefer the beach towel in this park.) I have access to just three stools for those students who don't have one of their own, so please text me the evening before class to reserve a stool if you need one.

The suggested donation for class is $15.00.

We do live on Maui, so we have weather! Rain does happen and so class may be canceled on occasion. Please check this page every Tuesday and Thursday morning to see if class is happening.

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