Semi private training in Haiku, Maui – Workout with a friend

Share the pain, share the gain!

A semi private GYROTONIC training sessionSometimes it's hard to get yourself fired up for private workouts. Maybe your workday was challenging and tiring. Maybe you aren't in the mood to get "nitpicked". And of course, maybe private sessions are too pricey for your fitness budget. Are these obstacles impossible to overcome? Is there no way to get the personalized attention of a private session but with a little softening of the edges?

Semi private training might be your answer.

Whether you're training is GYROTONIC®, weight training or both, working out with a friend has it's advantages:
  • Not feeling energized? Your friend will help your stay pumped up. (Maybe YOU'RE the one keeping your friend motivated instead!)
  • Considering blowing off the session? Your friend will help you keep accountable. (Where did I hear the ridiculous term "accountabilibuddy"?? It's awful and great at the same time.)
  • Would you rather talk about last night's episode of "Justified"? As long as you're doing the motions I've set out for you, you two can chatter all you want. (I had two clients in Atlanta who loved Timothy Olyphant.)
  • Have your tried but not succeeded in reaching fitness goals before? Having a friend involved in your fitness life will help you stay on target the many many hours you're not at the gym.
  • And of course, if private training is out of your budget, semi private training significantly lowers your per hour rate.

So call/text a friend and get your bodies moving.

The normal single session private training rate is $90.00 per hourly session. With semi-private training, you'll each save $30.00 off the cost of private sessions. So grab a training partner and come on down to the Aloha Aina Center.

Rates for semi-private Gyrotonic training

Single semi-private session $60  
5 pack of sessions $275 $55 per session
10 pack of sessions $510 $51 per session

Rates are per person. Sessions MUST be redeemed as semi-privates. Both workout partners must be present at each workout.

Call and book your duet session now. 415.580.2560

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