September special – 5 private training sessions for only $68 each

Move your body in new ways and save

Find out how GYROTONIC® training can help you get you not only get into the shape you want but also be able to move your body in ways you've forgotten you can move. Reduce nagging, chronic aches and pains, increase core strength and stability, improve flexibility and advance your sports performance (golfing, surfing, wind surfing, cycling, etc).

If you've looked into Gyrotonic training before you may have thought it was mainly for dancers and other rubbery people. I'm happy to let you know that's far from the truth. Gyrotonic training can benefit anyone and everyone and has applications geared toward golfers and high level athletes, corrective and therapeutic training for those with shoulder, hip & knee challenges, osteoporosis and scoliosis, and yes, dancers.


So no matter what condition you currently feel like your body is in, Gyrotonic training can and will benefit you.

September special

5 one hour private training sessions for just $68.00 each

$340.00 for the package

Save 20% off the normal 5 session rate.

Offer open to new clients only.

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