A Gyrokinesis practice develops more than your body.

GYROKINESIS® training isn’t just a class, it’s a practice.

Taking GYROKINESIS®  classes is a great option for physical well being. But is there more available through the system than fitness, strength and flexibility? The only way you can find out the answer to this is to develop a personal GYROKINESIS® practice.

A GYROKINESIS practice is not just a class.A Gyrokinesis practice means you’re doing GYROKINESIS® exercises on your own, self motivating to do the work throughout your week, not just when you take a class. It’s understanding and knowing the work well enough to do the work on your own without external guidance. When you’re alone doing  a Gyrokinesis practice, without having to listen to a teacher calling out instruction, you’re free to listen to your body and your mind and experience how the work is affecting you on a deeper level. When practicing on your own, you’re free to break movements down and explore how you’re moving into them, what you’re doing once inside them, and how you’re moving out of them. How are you transitioning, how much meaning are you putting into the transitions? Are you really listening to your body during the rests?

Anyone who has done Gyrokinesis class more than a few times knows there are a rather large number of things to think about as you’re moving. When you practice on your own you’re free to focus on just one or two aspects deeply. For example (my favorite example), breathing. How does the breath affect the motion and the way you experience the motion? Break it down. Do one motion while holding your breath, while exhaling during the motion and inhaling during the transition, vice-versa, with a double breath, with multiple breaths per motion. Take it another step further and breathe in the same patterns without moving. Take your time and be free to play inside both the motion and the breath and feel what the various combinations of the two can make you feel.

Jimi Hendrix is of course considered one of the greatest electric guitar players ever. The musicians he worked and lived with would talk about how he would take a riff and manipulate it in multiple ways to really understand it. He’d slow it down, speed it up and play it backwards.

Take the great composition that is a Gyrokinesis movement and play the “notes” in a multitude of ways. You’re not learning GYROKINESIS® methodology, you’re learning you. The Gyrokinesis exercises are the tool to guide your self learning. So now is your time to develop your body and mindfulness through a consistent Gyrokinesis practice.

Take a class, ask questions afterward, take a Gyrokinesis private session, write down exercise sequences, buy a video and do the work at home. On your own. For yourself.

Step aerobics is a class. Gyrokinesis training is a practice. So PRACTICE!


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