This rancher is the best! “Nature abhors monoculture.”

This fantastic video shows ranching as it should be.

In this great PBS series “Food Forward” a fundamental question is asked:

How did something so fundamental as food, go so fundamentally wrong?

Meet Will Harris, farmer and rancher at White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, GA. A true family farmer, his farm & ranch have been in his family for three generations and looks to continue on.

When he first took over the farm, industrialized animal husbandry standards were the norm. He decided to change that.

Eating healthy requires you to pay attention to the sourcing of your food. Meats raised in a healthy manner are healthy for you. Cheap meat isn’t necessarily a good thing. Not for you, not for the livestock and not for the environment. Monoculture has very bad effects throughout the environmental chain. Increased use of herbicides and pesticides, reduced topsoil quality and inefficient use of water are just a few of the negatives of monoculture.

On the animal husbandry side, industrialized production of meats encourages monoculture of crops, as corn and soy are grown mostly to feed livestock, livestock that would not normally eat corn and soy. Animal cruelty is common because it’s built into CAFO (Confined animal feeding operations). And we can’t get rid of the levels of animal waste these concentrated farms create.

Your dollar is your power to change things. Support farmers like Will Harris. If you happen to live in Georgia, please make an effort to support White Oak Pastures. If you don’t live there and want to be good to your body, animals and the environment, find a pasture raised farm near you here.


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