NatureBox – A great healthy snack choice – Product review

Are you looking for a great choice for your family’s healthy snacks?

NatureBox, a snack delivery service, might be just what you need.

I originally heard about NatureBox through one of their ads on Facebook. Since I make sure I have healthy snack food with me at work everyday, I was interested in anything that was reasonably priced, gave me a variety of snacks and was healthy. This company, based out of Palo Alto, CA offers all these things.

This month is the third month I’ve received my five packs of healthy snacks and the selections this month have been so over the top delicious, I decided it was time to review this very cool service.

Every month NatureBox sends you five healthy and tasty snacks.

I’ve enjoyed all five snacks every month I’ve received them, from the Sweet Blueberry Almonds to the Teriyaki Twists and the Cherry Berry Bonanza. Each box has a few snacks which, to me, are good for mid work breaks, some are good for adding to my yogurt and some are good for movie time. And this month’s choices were all crazy good.

For my yogurt: Cherry Granache Granola

7g fat, 32g carbs (15g sugar), 5gm protein.

Usually I add almonds and some sort of berry to my morning yogurt. But this week I ran out of almonds, look up at my bag of granola and thought “Sure, let’s try it.” Oh yeah! This is a fantastic granola to mix into yogurt. The cherry flavor is so fresh and strong (real dried cherries) and the granola has a great crunch.  I suggest it with french vanilla yogurt!

Workday snacks: Cranberry Almond Bites & Citrus Kick Almonds

Bites: 9gm fat, 15 gm carbs (8gm sugar), 4gm protein
Almonds: 14gm fat, 7gm carbs (2gm sugar), 6 protein

I had first dug into the Bites and they’re a great snack. They seem light but just a few of them were enough to satisfy me between meals. They’re sweet, tasty and crispy. Then I read a tweet praising the Citrus Almonds which I hadn’t even opened. These have a much mores savory flavor, snappy and kind of spicy. You can thank the combination of tamari, orange flavor and lime juice for that. These are also very satisfying, not needing a whole bunch of them to tide me over between meals.

The home snacks: Italian Bistro Pretzels & Whole Wheat Raspberry Figgy Bars

Pretzels: 3gm fat, 21gm carbs (1gm sugar), 3gm protein
Figgy Bars: 3gm fat, 24gm carbs (11gm sugar), 3 gm protein

Sitting down to watch a movie one night, I break open the pretzels and WOW! Delicious, spicy, cheesy and garlicy. I’m just keeping them in my mouth, savoring all the flavor and only biting when all I can taste is pretzel. I wish I could just buy a huge bag of these independently. The figgy bars are excellent with either coffee or tea. I luxuriate my Sunday breakfasts, listening to classical or jazz and reading about the previous night’s NBA action. Today after I had my yogurt (yes, with cherry granola) I brewed up my coffee and sat down with one of these figgy bars and it’s a great satisfying snack. It’s like any other fig bar you’d buy except more fulfilling, flavorful and less sweet.

If you want good snacks for your family, I highly recommend NatureBox.

fb_naturebox_leaf_singleleafWhen you’re packing lunch for your kids, these are great options. The kids might not be a that into the Citrus Almonds, but mom & dad have to get in on this good stuff too.

These bags are great for keeping in your desk or backpack for snacking between meals, which I obviously recommend. One of the things I always look for in my snacks is something I can eat post workout. These would be the snacks with the most protein (the Almonds).

Price is always a factor too. NatureBox is $19.99 a month. Previous to starting this service I would purchase bags of trail mix from Whole Foods. The price for those is anywhere from $5.99 to $7.99 and one bag would usually last a week. Now I’m getting 5 bags of snack that last me over three weeks, even though I’m not eating all of them at work. So price wise, it’s actually saving me a little money!

Is NatureBox perfect? No, but the convenience and price make up for that.

Sure, it would be great if they got “no-GMO” certified and even better if they went organic. But none of the trail mixes I bought at Whole Foods had either of those claims either. I’m predicting they’ll go “no-GMO” sooner rather than later.

Regardless of that small detail, I’m loving this service and looking forward to my December NatureBox delivery.


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