Protein smoothie recipes to help balance your nutrition.

Do you find it challenging to get all the protein you need?

I found out that it’s challenging for me.

I’ve been careful to make sure I get protein with every meal and healthy snack I eat. Well… OK, I cheat sometimes. But I’ve recently been getting much more detailed about the nutrition needs of my clients, whether they are trying to reduce their body fat percentage (because we never talk about “weight” as a goal) or if they’re trying to build muscle mass. Since I’m doing it for them, I have to make sure I’m doing it for myself.

Garden of Life RAW Organic Protein Formula for your protein smoothieThere’s two parts to this: figuring out what you need and calculating what you actually take in. You can see the comments on this post to see my specific caloric needs. Since I eat somewhat monotonously (yogurt & granola for breakfast 6 days a week, sandwich for lunch, etc) it was pretty easy to break down a relatively accurate estimate of the amount of each macronutrient I take in.  I found two big thing. 1) I don’t eat enough. 2) I don’t eat enough protein. I do however get enough fats in my diet, so I need to increase protein without increasing fats. Since I have to increase my overall caloric intake, I don’t have to cut anything out, just add.

One of the easiest ways to increase protein without increasing fat is a protein smoothie. If you use a good, high protein, low fat protein powder, like what I choose, Garden of Life RAW Organic Protein,  you can add 17g of protein without adding any fat. Put a few more healthy ingredients like bananas or chia seeds, and your protein smoothie can be a big boost to balancing your nutritional needs.

So, need some ideas for your protein smoothie?

Well here you go!


Do you have a simple and tasty protein smoothie you’d like to share?

Please put it in the comments below.


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