2013 Health and Fitness Gift Guide

The 2013 Healthy Lifestyle Trainer Holiday Gift Guide

Gaiam Pressure Point Massager

OK. It’s past “black Friday”, so I don’t feel grotesque about offering up a  holiday guide. (I can’t be part of that!)

There are so many options for great gifts, even when you’re limiting yourself to health and fitness items. These 6 options (3 stocking stuffers and 3 full gifts) would be great additions to gifts for those you care about.

 The Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide

The Gaiam Pressure Point Massager

We recently started keeping these at my studio and I’ve been using them with my clients all the time. While there are other products for self massage, like the Original Massage Stick, this one from Gaiam takes it up a notch. Or a nub. Those little points on the rollers really help break up adhesions in the connective tissue better than a  flat surface. It really feels like it gets the blood flowing.

Want to help your loved ones eat better without breaking the bank? Sure, I’ve got 13 recipes on the site, but The Working Class Foodies Cookbook gives 100 recipes. I like that the author focuses on recipes for regular folks, each cost less than $8 per person. I’ve been following Rebecca Lando’s youtube page for a few months now and she keeps it simple, delicious and reasonably priced. In this book she even helps with shopping for whole healthy foods and needed pantry items.

Alaffia Shea ButterNow onto a completely different front. I don’t understand how summers can be so oppressively humid in Atlanta yet the winters are bone dry. Whatever the reason, my skin is parched. I was going to buy some rather expensive, fully organic skin cream that I used last winter when I read a story about using natural oils to moisturize. Then I remembered “Hey, don’t I have a whole bunch of shea butter still?” I got a tiny dab of it, warmed it in my hands and rubbed it all over my face. My skin just soaked it up. After using it for several days, my skin feels great, the dryness wrinkles in the corners of my eyes are gone and I don’t feel greasy.Raw, unrefined shea butter is hypoallergenic, good for wrinkles, chapped lips, and even dry hair. Shea butter is made from the seed of a tree that only grows in Africa. Make sure you purchase fair trade shea butter so the locals who produce it get paid fairly. I recommend and use Alaffia Handcrafted Shea Butter. This is the same brand I use for my soap, shampoo and conditioner. I really like their products and they’re fair trade.

The gift guide for items that won’t fit in a stocking.

TRX Suspension Trainer Basic Kit

TRX Suspension Trainer - a great holiday gift

Without fail, my favorite piece of fitness equipment, the TRX is an awesome gift. It’s fun to use, you can use it anywhere, you can get outside and be out of the gym environment. Heck, you can take it to the gym if you want! I have no idea how many exercises are possible on this thing but it’s alot! You strengthen, you can stretch, do cardio and there are even sports specific training programs you can download to your phone or tablet.

Another great gift for someone who’s health you care about… a subscription to NatureBox. This is especially great for families with school age children. These tasty snacks can be popped right into their lunch box or back pack and the parents will know their kids aren’t eating absolute garbage, which is usually all that’s available in convenience stores. Forget book of the month or beer of the month… go with healthy snack of the month.

Finally, it’s all the rage lately to track your steps. While the idea that just walking 5 miles a day gives you all the exercise you need is darn silly, at least you’re not sitting on your duff. This product, Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker does more than count steps. See that last bit there? It tracks your sleep, and I’m all about making sure you get enough sleep. Your desktop app also lets you track your food. It’s really quite complete.

The holidays can be a great, warm family oriented time. Let those good feeling last throughout the year.

Get your loved ones gifts that will make a positive change in their lives. They’ll remember you and be thankful for it!


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