The Roundup: Shortness of breath, yoga is beer and yoga is strength.

The Roundup: Shortness of breath, yoga is beer and yoga is strength.

Have you ever become short of breath from exercise? So have I!

Why Women Experience More Shortness of Breath than Men | Fitness RepublicIn fact, if you haven’t, you haven’t been working out hard enough.

But were you aware that there is a difference in the experience of being short of breath between men and women? Yeah, me neither. Apparently, women experience shortness of breath more easily than men. And there appears to be a very simple and rational reason… men have larger lungs.

I’ve done breathing workshops for years, for both experienced personal trainers and for the general public. But I’ve never even considered that there was a difference in shortness of breath between the sexes. I really love nerding out on bodily stuff, so it’s really funny that I read this the day before giving another breathing workshop to professionals. I’ve got some new info for y’all!

Check out the article at Fitness Republic.

Ermahgerd! Did you really write an article folding in two of my favorite things: beer & yoga??

Yes, in fact they did! And they did a really awesome job of it.

This somewhat light hearted article from Elephant Journal takes a few of the various forms of yoga and compares them to beer. How? “Beer” is a rather generic term for a brewed, fermented product that actually has 84 official varieties! “Hatha yoga”, while only constituting ONE of the EIGHT branches of yoga also encapsulates at least 13 different forms that I could find. I’m sure there’s even more than that.

While this is a lighthearted look at yoga it does bring up a great point. There is no one definition of either yoga or beer and if you weren’t clearly aware of that, Yoli Ramazzina does a great job of using something ultra popular (beer) to explain the subtleties of something simply popular (yoga).

And there is no yoga that equates with Miller, Bud, Coors or (ugh) PBR. Yuck.

Speaking of yoga, here is a great STRENGTHENING yoga sequence.

That’s right… yoga isn’t just about stretching and being all bendy. As this flow offered up by Breaking Muscle will show you, yoga done properly is incredibly strengthening.

While I have some small technical disagreements with her description of the activity of the muscles of the pelvis this series is excellent.

On a technical level, it’s rare that the glutes are so strong that they are inhibiting the hamstrings. Technically, the hamstrings have synergistic dominance over the glutes. In other words, when then glutes aren’t doing their job efficiently, the hamstrings will do the work for them. That’s one reason why most people’s hamstrings are so tight, they’re doing the work the glutes are supposed to be.

However, the sequences of asanas she shows will, unquestionably, balance the work load on the glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors.

Many of you may find the Arrow Lunges difficult, as you have to have good ankle flexibility and strength to accomplish this. If you find this difficult, the simplest way to prepare your ankles is to kneel, then put your legs together and sit on your heels. You’ll open the front of your ankles and prepare yourself for bearing weight into the top of the foot. The Arrow Lunge is a great posture.

Have a great weekend and a great Thanksgiving.

You are FREE of any food related guilt on Thanksgiving. Well… so long as you go organic!

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