The Roundup – Quinoa salad, breath affects fear and grab a medicine ball.

The Roundup – Quinoa salad, breath affects fear and grab a medicine ball.

It was definitely time to add some new recipes to my home cooking.

We cook most of our meals at home and largely from scratch. We also eat primarily vegetarian at home. We save our meat eating for going out.

Smoky Quinoa and Black Bean salad recipe from Budget BytesMaybe you’re like us. You have a small group of meals that you cook over and over. Humans, as all other species, are primarily creatures of habit. That’s got it’s benefits. Survival is essentially having the right group of habits. But for those species with higher brain function, basically humans, that can make like boring!

So I looked around the web for something new to cook at home and found this great recipe for a Smoky Quinoa and Black Bean salad. The site this comes from, Budget Bytes (their Facebook page), is great. It’s loaded up with recipes that won’t break your bank and are really tasty.

If you’re counting your macronutrients (cause we don’t count calories, right??) here is your per serving breakdown for this recipe: Fats – 16.5 grams, Carbs – 50.75 grams, Protein – 12.75 grams

Have you ever noticed that when suddenly feel fear you inhale?

Rhythm of Breathing Affects Memory and FearIt’s an automatic reflex. You see two cars are about to collide and you inhale. That the inhale stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, the part of your nervous system that handles your “fight or flight” response isn’t news and just seems like common sense. You inhale to prepare for activity. It turns out there’s even deeper and more specific reactions to that inhale.

Scientists at Northwestern University have found that the inhale also helps enhances emotional judgments and memory recall. What is really fascinating about this is the effect wholly disappears when you inhale through your mouth. It’s the most natural thing to have a quick inhale through the mouth in a fearful situation. But it’s the nasal inhale that’s going to help your memory and emotional judgement.

More reasons to train your body and mind to breathe with purpose through your nose, even under stressful conditions. That small difference could help you in a challenging situation.

Grab a medicine ball and work your whole body

Grab a medicine ball and slam your way to fitness.If you’re looking for new options for your workouts grab a medicine ball. They’re great to have as part of your home workout. They take up almost no space, they’re easy to take with you for outdoor workouts and you can do a whole mess of exercises with them. You’ll be able to work your core strength, your total body conditioning and do sports specific exercises.

This article from Greatest gives you a good breakdown of why you’d want to use a medicine ball, how to incorporate them into your existing workout plan and shows some great exercises that you don’t even need a workout partner for. You might need a wall though. If you toss that ball it ain’t coming back unless it bounces off something!

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