The Roundup – Knife skills, learning squats and the REAL paleo diet.

The Roundup – Knife skills, learning squats and the REAL paleo diet.

We’re rounding up the week with videos!

As part of the constant work it takes to get people to know your website/blog exists, you spend a whole lot of time on various social media outlets. Recently I increased my list of places to have a presence to include Google+ and Stumbleupon. In doing so, I discovered that when I comment on a video on youtube, my comment and the video appear on my Google+ page. So I got into a spell of watching videos and decided to share a couple that I really dig.

Apparently I have no knife skills at all.

You know how I can tell? Because aside from Bill “The Butcher” Cutting in “Gangs of New York”, I’ve never considered the idea of knife skills. And his knife skills don’t really apply to my life, thankfully.

In this video from Working Class Foodies, Chef Brendan McDermott does double duty by showing a recipe for Chicken Tagine and gives lessons on how to use a knife. I was especially impressed by the way he minced the garlic and diced the onion. Much better technique than I use. I think I’ll look up a knife skills class to take in the new year.

Coach Carl knows squat.

And that is a compliment!

In this great 3 video series, my buddy Coach Carl Paoli teaches basic squat mechanics in a most excellent way. Many trainers, myself included, actually leapfrog past these foundational concepts when teaching someone squats and we miss important points. His progressive way of increasing joint mobility with proper mechanics, then adding on trunk stability will probably be the new way I start teaching squats. And I promise to give all the credit to Carl. I’m always thankful to have met such great teachers. Make sure you watch all three videos, but don’t work on material from part 2 until you’ve really integrated all the work from part 1.

Caveman gets K.O.d by science. Yay, Science!

Don’t tell me broccoli is the same species as kale, cauliflower and brussel sprouts. You’re messing with my head!

Let me be clear from the start. I don’t think the paleo “diet” is a bad idea or unhealthy in any way. In fact, I think it’s an excellent transitional diet for people who have been living on the S.A.D. (standard American diet) and want to become more aware of their bodies and how food affects them.

However, the science behind the “paleo” diet doesn’t exist. And instead of me listing off a bunch of things I’ve read and heard elsewhere, I’ll let Dr. Christina Warinner, an archaeological scientist who has a ridiculously impressive resume, explain not only how what current “paleo” diet advocates eat didn’t even exist in the paleolithic era (agriculture kicks ass, by the way), but that there is no distinct way paleolithic people ate. You ate what was available, and Whole Foods didn’t exist yet.

And she’s got excellent points about species diversity in our diet. I wonder if it’s possible to do a study to determine if the decreasing species variety in our diets is the primary cause for the increases in nut, wheat and dairy allergies. Hmmm…

Have a great weekend everyone! Exercise and eat whole foods!

Now you know how to cut them and how to work them off with squats.

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