The Roundup: Adjustable dumbbells, one pot pasta & noisy breathing

The Roundup: Adjustable dumbbells, one pot pasta & noisy breathing

It’s so nice to finally be settled in!

Just over one month ago, at the end of December, I moved from Atlanta, where I had been living for three years, to San Francisco. San Francisco is home to me. I lived here for 21 years before moving to Atlanta and California is definitely ingrained deeply into my heart. The banner is a picture I took 6 blocks from my house last Sunday. Seriously! How beautiful is that?

However, I definitely don’t love the process of moving. Luckily I had a place to stay as soon as I got here while I looked for a place to live more permanently. And I very much appreciate my brother for  putting up with me for 4 weeks, but I got no work done. I’m not good at living out of a suitcase or having to do computer work without a home office set up. But now I have my place, I have my desk in my bedroom and it’s back to serious work on this here site.

So… what are some people I follow writing about?

Do you like to work out at home? Check out these adjustable dumbbells.

Powerblock Elite Adjustable DumbbellPersonally, I don’t have any exercise equipment at home. Why not? Because I pretty much live at the damn gym! I spend more waking hours at a gym than I do at home. However, you probably don’t. And maybe the gym is just not something you have time for or the inclination to go to. But you do want to stay fit and strong, RIGHT??!!??. A few pieces of home gym equipment can take care of that.

I’ve seen lots of adjustable dumbbells but have never looked into them myself, for the aforementioned reason. But my buddy Henry Croft over at Gym Talk has looked into it and gives his thumbs up to these Six Best Adjustable Dumbbells.

They’re great for snacks, but they help with full meals too?

Vegetable One Pot Pasta recipe from NatureBoxAs you avid readers would know, with my work schedule, I tend to cook a big meal once a week and eat the same thing for dinner all week. You also know that healthy snacks are important and one big component to my healthy snacking is NatureBox. Lo and behold, these two worlds meet.

I had no idea that NatureBox has a blog with recipes. This week they posted this super easy, Vegetable One-Pot Pasta recipe. Tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, onions, garlic and pasta. With almost no prep involved aside from chopping the veggies, you really couldn’t ask for a simpler healthy recipe. And since this serves 6-8, that’s a week’s worth of meals for me. Most excellent! Check out their other One Pot Recipes. And sign up for their great snack delivery, too!

The gym is no place for timid breathing!

How on earth is it so hard to get someone to open their dang mouth and let the air out when they breathe?? Note to everyone: the muscles you use for forced exhalation are you ABDOMINAL muscles. You know, as in the six pack you’re so desirous of? And yet when you’re working out, you’re breathing like you in church. If you’re breathing at all.

Thankfully, I’m not the only one who wants you to loosen up and make a little sound when you breathe. Eric Stevens over at wrote this great piece about the vital role of sounding when you breathe. While no one is recommending you sound like Maria Sharapova when doing push ups, breathing can and should have a sound. Like Eric talks about, you see martial artists and boxers sounding very specifically when striking. Martial arts have been around for a reeeaallly long time. They probably have a very good reason for making sounds when they breathe. So maybe take a lesson??

Wherever you call home, get outside and move your body!

Eat good food and do some breathing too. And don’t be dainty with either!

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