The Roundup: Battle ropes, mindfulness and a delicious healthy treat

The Roundup: Battle ropes, mindfulness and a delicious healthy treat

Here I am, home in San Francisco again!

Ocean Beach smYeah, I’ve fallen behind in working on the site and the social media for the last two weeks or so, but that’s what moving across country can do. After three years in Atlanta, I’m back in my home, the lovely (and surrounded by water) San Francisco.

I’m also back at the same training location at which I worked for 6 years previous to my Atlanta experience and I’m looking forward to really getting rolling here. With Christmas and New Years, these first two weeks are quiet, to say the least!

Now that I’m back to resistance training, I can’t wait to whip on folks with battle ropes.

My time in Atlanta was 100% dedicated to GYROTONIC® training, which was great. It was one of the big draws of making the move. But in a way, I’ve been ready to get back into resistance training for a while. I never stopped doing it myself, especially kettlebells, body weight exercises and TRX, but I didn’t do any training sessions. I’ve been constantly reading up on training methods so I’m stoked to start using them again. First order of business, whipping my own butt with these battle rope exercises, then making clients suffer through them. In a good way…

Friday is generally the day I focus on meditation, so let’s talk about focus.

Should it be narrow? Should it be broad? How can focus be broad?

In this article from Wildmind Buddhist Meditation, author Bodhipaksa talks about varying the possibilities when it comes to focus in meditation. Too often, trying to maintain a narrow focus is a stumbling point for people who are just starting out in meditation. So, what if you allowed your focus to widen? Not only can you take some of the stress off yourself during practice (and stress during meditation is the opposite of what meditation is for!) but you can become aware of how much you are actually capable of focusing on simultaneously. So check out the article and test out varying your focus.


Is it possible to have a healthy snack that’s also rich and chocolately?

Yes… yes it definitely is.

Coffee Almond Pistachio Chocolate Bark

I wish I had seen this recipe from Half Baked Harvest before Christmas because this would have been a great handmade gift. But it’s never too late to make some anyway.

If you look at the ingredients list, this is a cornucopia of healthy foods: coffee, almonds, pistachios & coconut oil. And I’m really looking forward to roasting the almonds with the coffee grounds. What a unique idea. I love both flavors so this should be an excellent snack.

I hope your Christmas was a great time with family.
Have a safe and sensible New Years celebration.


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