The Roundup: Strongman Profile and Nasty Fish

The Roundup: Strongman Profile and Nasty Fish

Happy Friday everyone. I hope your week was fun and healthy.

This is is the first of a new regular feature. What have I been reading and commenting on this week? Here are a few of the things that really caught my attention this week.

Have you ever seen those pictures of the olde tyme strongmen?

I first learned about the idea of “Physical Culture” when I went though my kettlebell training with Kettlebell Concepts.


Arthur Saxon

Any time I had seen pictures like this in the past, I wouldn’t put much thought into it, as before that training, I always considered the strongmen to be more performers than influences. That’s definitely different now. The predominance of machines at gyms has begun to give way to the free weight motions which were the strongmen specialties. At least for me. I can’t think of anything less fun than a gym machine now. Full body, free weight and kettlebell motions are the only way I’ll train now.

This article in Breaking Muscle is another reminder of how impressive the strongmen really were. 370 lbs overhead with one arm??? WOW! While I know I’ll won’t even get one the same block as a weight like that, the motion itself interests me. I’ll be looking into more “strongman” exercises to spice up my workouts.


Fish is good for you, right? Lots of omega-3s, right?

Yeah… not so much. As the irreverent and insightful Gigi tells us over at Gigi Eats Celebrities, tilapia is a fish you should pass on next time you’re choosing. Fish are known for helping you take in your omega-3s but tilapia has an 11:3 ratio of omega-6s to omega-3s. An imbalance in favor of omega-6s is bad for you. The S.A.D. (Standard American Diet – I love that is spells sad!) has a ratio of around 15:1, which is awful. A healthy balance is 1:1. So anything that is going to push your omega-6s above your omega-3s should be avoided. So no tilapia for me. Or you, I hope.


Remember how badly I needed a new computer? Well it arrived Wednesday. It’s definitely a world of improvement over my old machine. In fact, it’s so fast it’s kinda jumpy and  I have to figure out how to get it to stop switching screens so easily. But that’s a problem I’ll happily take considering all the benefits. And those new pictures? From the new camera I also needed. So I’m really ready to roll over here!

Have a great weekend. Get outside and MOVE YOUR BODIES!


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