The Roundup – Wood in food, massage for health and squats on a camel

The Roundup – Wood in food, massage for health and squats on a camel

You saw that right… squats on a camel!

Last week when I was working at the Pilates Method Alliance Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, I met a trainer, Maria Scally, who lives in Miami and checked youtube pages. Her training motto is “Get groovy, get sweaty, any time, any place.” She travels the world making fun short videos showing a couple of different exercises. This one in particular REALLY caught my attention. Talk about a position of instability! Check out her fun videos.

You’re a human, not a termite! Why are you eating wood pulp?

The Food Babe asks "Do you eat wood?"Oh, because you weren’t aware that’s what food manufacturers are putting into your pancake mix.

The Food Babe posted an article outlining how processed food manufacturers use wood pulp to make the fiber content numbers better, as a thickening agent and as an anti-caking agent.

But it’s wood! We’re not termites. Humans can’t digest wood. It literally goes right through us. It’s nutritionally inert. But it’s cheap and makes processed food products more visually appealing… apparently.

Even those “fluff and buff” spa massages have real health benefits.

I was a professional massage therapist for 12 years. While I would occasionally have to do a massage that was for “relaxation”, it wasn’t my focus. I enjoyed doing corrective massage, really getting into the soft tissue and affecting permanent changes to benefit my clients. Doing those soothing, relaxing massages kind of bored me.

Well it winds up even those “relaxation” massages were having a physically measurable health benefit.

This article by cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn on MindBodyGreen shows that recent studies have found that Swedish, the relaxing non-deep tissue style, reduced blood pressure, heart rate and even chemical signs of inflammation in study participants.  So not only does massage feel good, it IS good.

Have an excellent weekend, everyone.

I’m looking forward to my Metal Yoga class tomorrow. I missed it while I was in Ft. Lauderdale… not that I particularly minded!


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