The Roundup – Label GMOs, tasty eggs & a brutal workout

The Roundup – Label GMOs, tasty eggs & a brutal workout

When you lag behind Saudi Arabia, Russia and China, you might be behind the times.

Genetically Engineered Foods/Tell FDA to LabelThe biotech companies have continuously said that genetically engineered crops are completely safe for human consumption. But they steadfastly oppose the labeling of products that contain GMOs. That’s probably because they know the majority of Americans (82% to 85%) wouldn’t purchase foods that contain GMOs. So it is in their selfish interest to keep us in the dark. Good for them, bad for us. Freedom requires information. In other words, as far as I’m concerned not labeling GMOs is un-American. Those three countries I mention above, while not  being known for having the most liberal policies, all require GMO labeling.

If you think knowledge it power, head over to Just Label It, take action and keep informed.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, healthy snack… these poppers always work.

Last week I was browsing through my twitter feed looking for something tasty to cook and I found these awesome little egg & sausage poppers. Four ingredients. How easy is that?

Puffy and delicious 4 Ingredient Mini Breakfast Poppers via


When I made mine, I changed out the almond meal for corn meal as I don’t process almonds at home (no blender) and to buy almond meal was really pricey. I also used a cupcake pan instead of the Wilton pan because I’m a manly man and like bigger foods. What’s great about these poppers is they really can be eaten for any meal and also make a great carry along healthy snack, perfect for your protein intake after a hard workout. I don’t do shakes and go whole food as much as possible, so these are a great option for a recovery snack.

This recipe from Sarah Kay Hoffman, aka A Gutsy Girl, is super easy to make. Try them out, get creative and add different fillings and let us all know about them in the comments.

Are you ready to be completely horrible and mean to yourself… in the good way?

your tool for The Villainous 45-Pound Bar Upper Body WorkoutThen you’re ready for this “villainous” workout using only a 45 lb barbell.

If you consider yourself out of shape or deconditioned, be very cautious with this workout.

This brutal looking workout (full disclosure: I haven’t done it yet!) from trainer Tom Kelso over at Breaking Muscle isn’t just harsh, it’s double harsh. How is that? After you get done doing these six simple motions, each one done until failure, you go back AND DO THEM ALL AGAIN.


Tom is a highly trained and recognized strength and conditioning coach. If you want to get stronger and more conditioned, this workout will do it!

The mobile version of the site finally makes me happy.

Imagine my surprise last week when I tried to access my own site on my phone and discovered that one of my plugins was making my site completely useless on mobile devices. FUN! I was trying to think how long that plug in had been active and I’m pretty sure my site was unavailable on mobile devices for 2 months. SUPER!

So it was nose to the grindstone time again this week as I changed the layout of the mobile version so that it is a) viewable at all b) more like the desktop version. And I’m liking the results.

If you happen to check out the site on your phone or tablet, be sure to use the sidebar to take a look at the blog categories. The way this theme displays the category pages on mobile devices made me squeal all happy like.

I am such a nerd.

Have a great weekend! It’s gonna be chilly here in Atlanta.

Fall is here fo’ sho’! About time, too. The leaves haven’t started changing yet.

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