The Roundup: Variety is the spice of life & spice itself is great.

The Roundup: Variety is the spice of life & spice itself is great.

Oh the joy of doing backend work only you notice.

Last week I didn’t post a Roundup, as I had spent most of the week working on more behind the scenes stuff. Lots if work improving the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages. One thing I’m consistently doing is reading up on improving this site and sometimes that means going backwards and reeling work I’ve already done that just wasn’t what I could be. And while there are few things more annoying that spending hours re-doing work you’ve already done, one thing that IS more annoying is having social media pages that are useless.

Anyhow… Back To The Roundups!

Variety is the spice of life. And I love spicy things. So should you.

PaddleboardOn the Aerobic Exercise page, I discuss Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands, that if you keep doing the same thing, your body will get used to it and it will lose effectiveness.

Clearly not enough people know this. They hit a plateau and they either get frustrated and quit, or the think if they keep doing the same thing but just harder they’ll break through.

HEY! I’ve got an better idea! Why not mix things up and change your routine? Fiona Compston wrote this great article over on Smart Healthy Women about exactly that. As she points out, even doing the same exercise in a different setting (running in a park instead of at the gym) can make a big change in your motivation.

Make life more interesting an change things up!

Speaking of spicy things, have you been following the Sriracha news?

The California factory that makes that delicious Vietnamese hot sauce was in danger of having to close down due to complaints from the neighbors of overwhelming smells. I love Sriracha as do many of my friends, so there was a little bit of nail biting going on. Thankfully, the judge in the case ruled that the factory can stay open while they work to abate the excess aromas that have been bothering the neighbors.

In celebration of this, I give you two Sriracha based recipes:

Turkey Sriracha Meatballs

Todd Porter and Diane Cu made this awesome looking spicy side dish, Sriracha Roasted Cauliflower.

And Beth over at Budget Bytes whipped up these Turkey Sriracha Meatballs. (And for only $1.11 per serving. Nicely done, Beth!)

I double dog dare you to have a dinner party and serve both! Sriracha Everything!


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