Delicious Tempeh Sloppy Joes

A new and healthy twist on a childhood favorite.

After learning about the benefits of blackstrap molasses, I wanted to look up a few recipes using it. I came across this recipe on I wanted to give it a try but I have a different method for preparation of the tempeh itself. In the original recipe, the author calls for crumbling the tempeh directly into the pan without any pre-cooking. I’ve definitely found that I prefer to precook my tempeh to make it creamier and more palatable.

How did it taste?

This was another totally delicious, healthy recipe, which is a good thing because it was a complete experiment and could have been a waste of ingredients. It tastes very fresh and as a wide range of flavors that shift as you chew and swallow. The cumin and cayenne give it a nice little bite but the honey and molasses keep a fullness and mild sweetness to it. The cooking time of the onions and pepper kept them vibrant. The preparation of the tempeh itself gave this dinner a mouthy fullness and creaminess.

While this is, in theory, a sloppy joe style recipe, I’ve been serving it over a bed of rice.


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