Adam Ondra is an absolute BEAST!

Adam Ondra is pure beast mode

Also master of his body and alot of fun to watch

Adam Ondra is pure beast mode
[Photo] Heinz Zak and Black Diamond Equipment
I love rock climbing. I'm not great by any measure and my climbing has been 99.5% indoor but it's the most fun hobby I've ever had. When you go to a climbing gym or an outdoor crag just watching others climb is fun.

When you get to the level of the greatest climbers in the world, like Alex Hunnold, Tommy Caldwell and Ashima Shiraishi (as a small sample) you see a dedication to the sport, discipline, training and focus that inspires you to do more with whatever it is that makes your heart sing. As you watch a movie like the beautiful "The Dawn Wall" you think "I've never worked as hard at anything as Tommy Caldwell did for the Dawn Wall project." (Definitely not dismissing Kevin Jorgenson's efforts but even he will tell you The Dawn Wall was Tommy's project.)

Recently I've begun following Adam Ondra. He is pure BEAST MODE.

He of crazy hair and equally crazy screaming is a master of his body. As you watch this video, you're left in awe of his strength, flexibility, endurance and proprioception.

Rock climbing has a rating system that goes from 5.1 (pure beginner) to this climb, Silence, a crag in Flatanger, Norway, which is proposed as a 5.15d putting it in the rare company of... NOTHING! This would be the first route of this difficulty ever.

There are a couple of moments in the video that were the inspiration for this post:

3:54 - Adam "rests" with the most insane upside down knee bar imaginable. It's kind of mind blowing. (It's the featured image above)

9:35 - Adam is on the ground practicing a body (and mind) bending contortion that he needs to use to complete one of the crux moves (A "crux" is the most difficult section of a route). Take note of this for later.

11:00 - The start of the unique portion of the Silence climb. It shares it's beginning with another route (Change) Adam had completed years before.

11:24 - 11:52 - This is the crux. As I watched I thought "Oh lordi! Should he be doing that to his body?!?!" It is CRAZY!! Here is Adam's description of this section:

The strangest moves are on the V15 crux 1, which is very physical, but the most precision-demanding climbing I have ever seen in my life. It is very hard to turn upside down, “stab” my left foot super high into the crack, doing it 100-percent precisely, finish the sequence with this foot jam, doing the last move while doing the most extreme drop-knee I have ever done, which feel like it would tear my knee and back apart.

12:03 - The end of the crux and an even crazier knee bar "rest".

12:06 - Prepare for screaming. Adam is kind of famous for screaming when he climbs.

14:00 - Adam walks along the ceiling. Not nearly as demanding as the crux but so cool!

Enjoy and be awed!

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