You ain’t strong like Encho Keryazov is strong

Having “mirror muscles” won’t let you move like Encho Keryazov.

I think most people who go to the gym really miss the point of “physical fitness”. It seems to be too much narcissistic posturing. Hence the term “mirror muscles”. They miss the entire idea is to be able to MOVE better. Yes, be stronger, but in a way that matters. Great, you can do a relatively heavy bench press. How does that translate to anything other than bench press?

If you want to impress me with your strength, learn to harness it into amazing movement, like Encho does.

Here’s a guy who looks strong. And is strong. Re-damn-diculously strong, and in a connected way. He does something with it. Amazing things, actually. I certainly can’t do pretty much anything he shows here.

So if you’re a gym rat, at least throw in some handstands, throw in other arm balances. Normal person arm balances, like Crow, not necessarily the 1 arm handstand jackknife Encho throws down at 1:10. That’s just crazy!

Take inspiration from a movement master and do something with those muscles!


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