The world is your playground when you’re free running

I love watching free running…

I’m just not bold enough to try!

These guys, however, are bold enough.

I was a gymnast for 7 years as a teenager, I was never great at it but I loved it. One thing I was never particularly good at is going head over heels. Front flips, back flips, handstands on the parallel bars… I had a fear of it. So getting to the level of freely bounding around doing flips off concrete walls wasn’t really in my future! Funny enough, once I got into my late 30’s and 40’s and got heavily into GYROTONIC® training and yoga, inversions became one of my favorite things!

But free running looks like so much fun! Especially these two guys. In general, “selfie sticks” are narcissistic lameness. Not with these two. If you get motion sick or have a fear of heights, this video might not be for you!

Have you ever done any free running? Got a link to a cool video of you running? Share your link in the comments below!


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