Mallakhamb – Pole dancing like you’ve never seen it.

When you usually think of pole dancing, you think of scantily clad women, right?

Well what about equally scantily clad men? Take away the sexuality and add in even crazier gymnastics and yogic flexibility and you’ve got Mallakhamb.

Originally used as a form of training for wrestlers, since 1958 Mallahkamb is it’s own competitive sport in India. There are national competitions that are judged similarly to gymnastic competitions.

I first saw a video similar to this a few months ago and was obviously impressed. The strength to hold yourself on a pole of that size while also flipping through some crazy yogic contortions is amazing. The flexibility of these athletes is also really impressive. To have both and then to be able to have the control to mix your strength and flexibility while your body is in some gravity challenged positions is true mastery of self.



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