How to Prioritize Workouts when Work Life Gets Tough

Make space in your busy day to get some movement

Guest post by Vanessa Davis

We all want to look fit and feel amazing in our bodies, but that’s easier said than done when your schedule is constantly packed. Be it work and deadlines, or spending time with family and friends, the truth is we don’t find a lot of time to dedicate to our physical health, and sometimes we don’t try too hard to do so. However, it is of vital importance to have a time slot during which you can do things for yourself, and that includes exercising as well. Even if working out isn’t your favorite thing, you can’t deny the benefits you get from it which is why it’s important to talk about how to prioritize workouts when work life gets tough.

Get moving in the office

How to prioritize workouts despite your busy scheduleIf you’re facing crazy working hours and you’re aware that hitting the gym afterwards will be mission impossible, find a way to get moving in the office. Get some equipment, like dumbbells and fitness ball, into the office and whenever you need a breather, make the best out of it by having a 5-15 minute exercise session. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just enough to get you moving so anything from leg raises to working your abs and even some squats will do you plenty of good. The thing is that you don’t have to have 60-minute workouts every other day to see improvements in how you feel and look, just dedicating a bit of time every day to doing some exercise will give results. Besides, you do need to move from your desk and stretch every hour or so, and these mini workout sessions are a practical solution to all your problems.

Prioritize workouts with a strong start to the day

Chances are that if you’re working a lot, you need to sleep as much as possible and we’re not saying you should skimp on your shuteye constantly. However, getting up 45 minutes before your usual waking time every other day to do your exercise will make sure to have a strong start of your day. When you work out as soon as you wake up, both your body and your mind are in better balance and you won’t be easily stressed throughout the day because you’ve had an endorphin rush in the A.M. Of course, you need quality sleep in order to function optimally, but if you really want to feel good and agile, nothing can beat going out for a run in the morning or having an exercising program you follow. If you strive to be as regular as possible, very soon your body will get used to the fact that you’re supposed to work out in the morning and that will help you rise and shine without too much fussing.

Make the Most out of Your Lunch

Use whatever free time you have, like your lunch break, to get some movement in.Depending on how much time you’ve got for your lunch break, you can squeeze in some activity into it as well. You’ve probably noticed that more and more people run around you during lunchtime so why not give “runch” a try? If you don’t have the time to go to a close-by park and have a short run (and you don’t prefer coming back to the office all sweaty), then get out of the office and go for a walk. Fresh air will do you good, it will help you clear your mind and relax, not to mention that you’ll burn a few extra calories as you stroll. Mix your afternoon activity with a healthy wholesome lunch and voila – you’re already taking care of your well being on every level.

Watch TV and Work Out

This is one of the easiest and most productive ways to prioritize workouts and get yourself to move. You know how commercials can last for a long time and you just sit there annoyed because you can’t even watch your favorite show/game/quiz after a long day? The most efficient way to get the frustration out is to start moving around doing some pushups, planks, and pull-ups if you’ve got a bar for it somewhere in the house. You can also run around the sofa if you feel like it, but the point here is not to sit idly. That way you won’t pay attention to those pesky commercials, and you can even continue working out as the program you wanted to watch comes back on. After all, this kind of multitasking will give you only rewards – not only do you get to relax with your favorite program, but exercising will seem less strenuous to you because you’re having fun.

The key is to remember that exercising doesn’t just mean toned body and looking good in a bathing suit, it directly contributes to every aspect of your well being. Not only are you able to focus more and stress less, but you’re also providing yourself with an opportunity to press the pause button and just breathe even when your life gets hectic, and that is something we all need more of in our lives.


Health and fitness writer Vanessa Davis
Vanessa Davis is 32 years old, lives in New York and is currently a full-time content writer at Her areas of expertise are fitness, nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle, and in her free time she enjoys yoga, skiing and mountain climbing. You can follow Vanessa on Twitter


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