So you want to get into rock climbing. GREAT idea! Here’s some beta.

Rock climbing has become my favorite hobby ever.

Rock climbing is a great hobby to have fun and stay fit.Years ago, the only way you could take up rock climbing is getting to know someone who already climbed, head outside with them and have them teach you every step of the way. It wasn’t a casual hobby. Nowadays, the growth in indoor rock climbing gyms throughout the US has opened up this great sport to anyone. The gym I’m a member of, Touchstone Climbing, has 4 gym that I can get to by bus!

Are you bored with traditional gym workouts and group classes? Want to get and stay fit while doing something truly fun? Want to learn climbing basics so you can eventually head outside to climb the the wild? DO IT!

To help you get started, here are a few videos that give you good information (beta) for starting climbers.

Let’s get to the basics: What do all those numbers mean?

Rock climbing holds are not like rungs on a ladder.

If, like me, you’re mostly an indoor climber, this video will help you visually understand these holds in a gym setting.

As in every endeavor, it’s important to choose the right gear.

And finally you’ll want a good primer on some basic climbing moves.

Like I said above, climbing holds aren’t like rungs of a ladder. And good rock climbing technique isn’t like climbing a ladder either. That’s pretty much how everyone starts, going straight up, hand following hand and foot following foot. Usually new climbers also depend on their arms too much instead of their legs.

This video playlist from Neil Gresham offers great, detailed advice to build a really solid foundation on, like outside edge:

and a technique that goes hand in hand, and which I cannot overstate the value of, flagging:

I definitely recommend watching all the videos in this series so you can get the most out of your climbing as soon as possible.

So get out there, find a gym and start rock climbing, the hardest hobby you’ll ever love.

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