Skiing on water, skateboarding down a mountain. What, what??

Every once in a while, someone advances a sport in a crazy way.

I love the water. My move from Atlanta back to San Francisco was in a large part due to my need to be near water. Now that I’m here, I plan on taking up some great water sports like kayaking, stand up paddleboard and of course, surfing.

I love watching surfing either at Ocean Beach or on video. Sometimes you’ll see someone really move the sport forward, with advances such as tow-in surfing and Laird Hamilton’s foilboard. Even with the advance of the foilboard, one thing about surfing has remained the same. It’s on a board, a single board. So while they’ve added in elements of snowboarding, like boots and bindings, it’s one plank.

Not anymore!

I don’t know the name of the surfer, but I love the juxtaposition of him in full ski gear at the beach. Looks so cool. As you can see, the movement in skiing on water is very different than surfing. Using the inside edge instead of one entire board changes how the body controls the motion. It’s cool that someone finally did to surfing what surfers did to skiing.


Skiing the Alps? Not for these guys. They skate them.

No new technology here. No “advancing” the sport. Just two ridiculously bold skaters showing crazy levels of chutzpah and skateboarding down the Alps. Yup, they’re passing downhill cyclists. Now that’s FAST!

OK… you’ve watched two videos of awesome movement, so stop sitting!

Get outside and do some great movement of your own.

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