The most amazing stunt cycling you’ll see, Danny MacAskill

Stunt cycling that will blow your mind.

Seriously… riding a moving wheel of hay??

I ride my bike a decent amount but I’m much more of a road/street cyclist. I’m not the off road, mountain biking type.

Danny MacAskill is. He’s probably the best at it. I’ve watched several of his creative & fun stunt cycling videos and they’re always a big “WOW”. As you watch his videos, you think “Yeah, but he had to do multiple takes to get it right,” and you’d be correct. One thing I particularly like about this video (aside from pretty much everything about it) is the end when they show the missed shots and spills.

Stunt cycling like this in INCREDIBLY athletic. It’s hard enough to control your own body weight when doing acrobatic movements, but add to that the weight and shape of the bike. In kettlebell training there is the concept of “center of gravity unit”, meaning your center of gravity plus the center of gravity of the bike, in this case. Adding the bike moves the center of gravity away from your gravitational center, which is located in the middle of your pelvis. The center of gravity of the entire unit being distant from your gravitational center makes controlling motion more challenging. And in Danny’s case that’s amplified by the fact he’s moving!

In terms of athletics, add to that the ability to withstand the impact of some of those jumps. You + the weight of the bike landing after a 1 5 foot drop puts tremendous forces into the ankles, knees, hips, spine, shoulders and wrists. Power training is not only for the ability to create explosive movement but to decelerate ground force when you land.

I’d be interested to learn what Danny’s cross training involves.

Anyway, enjoy the video.


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