More of the beauty of Tai Chi: the women’s world champion

Get ready for some high flying Tai Chi

You’re probably used to seeing the health form of tai chi, the form you see at your local YMCA or in a park near your house. But there are many forms of tai chi. For example, there is the form I’ve started practicing, Swimming Dragon. On a big picture scale, there are the health forms and the fighting forms. The health forms all came from the original fighting forms, but are “toned down” so to speak.

This is not a toned down form!

Lindswell Kwok won the 2014 Women’s World Championship in Wushu Taijiquan. The rapid movements and high flying portions show more elements of the fighting sets. Her gracefulness, power and control are truly amazing especially those jumps into single leg landings are.

Watch, enjoy and perhaps get inspired to take up tai chi in the new year!


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