Will Harris of White Oak Pastures does not believe monoculture is good for farming or the earth.

This rancher is the best! “Nature abhors monoculture.”

This fantastic video shows ranching as it should be.

In this great PBS series “Food Forward” a fundamental question is asked:

How did something so fundamental as food, go so fundamentally wrong?

Meet Will Harris, farmer and rancher at White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, GA. A true family farmer, his farm & ranch have been in his family for three generations

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Don't buy non-fat yogurt. You need a healthy source of fat.

Put down the zero fat yogurt and step away! You NEED dietary fat.

Even in the midst of an obesity epidemic, we still need to eat fats.

Triolein, a tricglyceride of oleic acid, a healthy omega-9 fatty acid

Recently I was enjoying one of my stand by recipes, slow cooked beans and vegetables. However, I wasn’t following my own recipe and my “healthy” diet was about to be sabotaged… by fat!

But not because I was eating too much.

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NatureBox – A great healthy snack choice – Product review

Are you looking for a great choice for your family’s healthy snacks?

NatureBox, a snack delivery service, might be just what you need.

I originally heard about NatureBox through one of their ads on Facebook. Since I make sure I have healthy snack food with me at work everyday, I was interested in anything that was reasonably priced, gave me a variety of snacks and was healthy.

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Maria Sollon shows how you can exercise anywhere by doing squats on a camel.

The Roundup – Wood in food, massage for health and squats on a camel

The Roundup – Wood in food, massage for health and squats on a camel

You saw that right… squats on a camel!

Last week when I was working at the Pilates Method Alliance Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, I met a trainer, Maria Scally, who lives in Miami and checked youtube pages. Her training motto is “Get groovy, get sweaty, any time, any place.” She travels the world making fun short videos showing a couple of different exercises. This one in particular REALLY caught my attention. Talk about a position of instability! Check out her fun videos.

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Farmed tilapia is not really good for you.

The Roundup: Strongman Profile and Nasty Fish

The Roundup: Strongman Profile and Nasty Fish

Happy Friday everyone. I hope your week was fun and healthy.

This is is the first of a new regular feature. What have I been reading and commenting on this week? Here are a few of the things that really caught my attention this week.

Have you ever seen those pictures of the olde tyme strongmen?

I first learned about the idea of “Physical Culture” when I went though my kettlebell training with Kettlebell Concepts.

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