A few of the ingredients in the Smokehouse Stout Beef Soup

Real Men Cook! Smokehouse Stout Beef Soup – Perfect Football Food

Yes, you CAN cook a great beef soup for football games.

C'mon ManSunday. Even without cable/satellite, you’ve usually got almost 10 straight hours of football. You’ve gotta eat at some point right? Go to the cabinet and grab a can of beef soup? As they’d say on ESPN ===>

You can do better than that. You can do fresher than that. You can do healthier than that.

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Slow Cooker Accidental Chili

Vegetarian Slow Cooker Chili that was an “accident”.

Tasty vegetarian slow cooker chili that I made by accident.

I wanted to make a version of a tortilla soup recipe I had read online. In an unusual twist, an incomplete cupboard turned this into a great slow cooker chili.

3 types of peppers
Mmmmm… peppers! While the recipe calls for serrano and banana peppers, Whole Foods had none today. So this batch is jalapeno and anaheim peppers. The main thing is to have two types of flavor peppers and one type of hot.

Since I prefer to use as few canned ingredients as possible, I went with dried beans.

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