Images from paradise. My 2016 trip to Maui.

Maui is now officially my favorite place on earth.

A waterfall from the 4 Falls of Na'ili-ili-haele in MauiThe previous holder of that title was Yosemite and while Yosemite is still plenty awesome, Maui has more going for it.

When I lived in Atlanta, one of the biggest reasons I felt the need to return to San Francisco was I needed to be mountains and water. Atlanta has neither. Well, Maui is two volcanoes sticking up out of the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is nothing but mountains and water! Bliss. 

I had been invited to Maui to work for a few weeks at The Mindful Movement Center of Maui/GYROTONIC® 808. During the holidays many people were away of course, so I had plenty of time to explore this paradise. From lush jungles to beaches to lava fields to the 10,000 foot mountain peak. Even the view from the strip mall in Kahului was beautiful!

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