The Gyrotonic Wingmaster Course

The GYROTONIC® Wingmaster Course

Make the Wingmaster an intrinsic part of your training.

Increase your vocabulary of exercises in the Wingmaster WorkshopThe Wingmaster is an excellent tool for training clients at every level. For clients who are in a rehabilitative or corrective setting, the Wingmaster is an excellent tool for increasing strength through all the spinal ranges of motion. The ergonomic shape helps people with shoulder or chest limitations to add resistance without strain. But that doesn't mean the Wingmaster's usefulness is limited to corrective work.

The Wingmaster is a brilliant and very underutilized piece of GYROTONIC® equipment that often spends more time as a fascinating decoration on a studio's wall than on our clients bodies... or in their hands.

What this course adds to training

Currently, how many exercises do you use the Wingmaster for on the Pulley Tower? I'm willing to guess 6 to 10.

Until now, the Wingmaster has been a great ergonomic stand-in for the straight pole that was all we had back in the day. But have you ever wondered, "Hey, why are there eye hooks on the back side of the Wingmaster?" I did wonder that. So I started exploring.

On the Leg Extension Unit, there are multiple exercises when we put the Wingmaster in our hands. Somehow, until now that hasn't translated over to the Pulley Tower. Putting the Wingmaster in your hands and connecting it to the pulleys allows you to use the Wingmaster for upper body strengthening, with both pulling and pushing options.

All your favorite and familiar Gyrotonic movements are in the Wingmaster Course, like arches, curl, side bends and spirals. But, very unlike the LEU, you can get the bench out of the way and stand up!  Once you stand up the possibilities for movement increase tremendously. Your movements become active total body exercises which can incorporate primal movements like squats and lunges.

The Wingmaster Course fulfills the Gyrotonic Trainer CEC (update) requirement allowing one to renew a Gyrotonic tm license. If a student is both a Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Trainer, he/she is eligible to renew both trademark licenses after taking this course.

A current Gyrotonic Level 1 Trainer certification is the prerequisite for enrollment in Gyrotonic Courses.

What trainers are saying

Gyrotonic trainer June Chiang working with the WingmasterWhat I Learned In the Wingmaster Workshop:

The GYROTONIC® Wingmaster is an excellent addition to any teacher’s tool box.  First, it adds another dimension of spatial awareness while in movement which is particularly important for interactive scenarios, such as, athletes on the court, dancers on the stage, and maneuvering in crowded places.  Second, one can feel the effect of a partially closed kinetic chain which can be especially helpful for the less kinetically aware client.  Thirdly, and most important for me as a teacher, is that the work inspires creativity in movement.  If I am inspired, then I can be inspiring for my clients and make teaching a rewarding, joyful, and fulfilling experience.

June Chiang

GYROTONIC Master Trainer Kathy Van Patten with the WingmasterIn this workshop you will be challenged through sitting, standing, squatting, kneeling and lunging exercises while holding the Wingmaster.  You will move in diagonals, circles;  and from two legs to one leg and back to two legs challenging coordination, stamina and balance.

This course is inspiring, challenging and fun!  I highly recommend it – you will come away with a lot of useful material for yourself and for your clients.


Master Trainer Kathy Van Patten

Trainer Kerri Affronti using the Gyrotonic Wingmaster in a standing seriesWorking with Michael Luque was an excellent experience. He has developed a thorough understanding of the way the Wingmaster assists in opening the body and how to gradually layer the exercises into planes of movement. I felt how the Wingmaster allowed the user a basic understanding of where the movement was coming from in order to accomplish the fullness of each positioning.
The overall experience of the three days was delightful.  I have come away with a plethora of new material for use in how to assist my clients learning how to move with an more open heart line, in grace and ease.  I am excited to work with my clients, especially with all the new exercises I have learned from Michael. It was such a fulfilling and energetic movement workshop.

Kerri Affronti

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