Protein Smoothie Recipes - from Mike Luque Training

Protein smoothie recipes to help balance your nutrition.

Do you find it challenging to get all the protein you need?

I found out that it’s challenging for me.

I’ve been careful to make sure I get protein with every meal and healthy snack I eat. Well… OK, I cheat sometimes. But I’ve recently been getting much more detailed about the nutrition needs of my clients,

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Coffee can help reduce the severity of tinnitus. Read more here.

The Roundup: Let’s debunk bad nutrition science & praise coffee

The Roundup: Let’s debunk bad nutrition science & praise coffee

I’m always checking up on questionable things I hear trainers tell their clients.

My life in spent in gyms and exercise studios. Therefore, my life is spent around trainers. As I’ve mentioned other times, trainers say some things that aren’t exactly scientifically true. But they do have the well being of their clients in mind. Close, but no cigar.

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Counting Calories? Don’t waist your time.

Why are you counting calories? Your body doesn’t “need” them.

Counting calories doesn't tell you enough about your nutrition.So you want to change your body composition. This is the ratio of lean body mass to body fat. It’s the healthiest way to think about your “weight”. Weight as a raw number doesn’t really tell you alot.

You’ve frequently heard that to change your body composition,

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