Mike Luque Training – Gyrotonic Training on Maui

Mike Luque Training - GYROTONIC® Training on Maui

Is your movement keeping you from enjoying life the way you want?

Mike Luque teaching a client Arch & curl

Why would you choose to start using Gyrotonic training? Answer these questions:

  • Do you live with chronic pain?
  • Do you feel weak or unstable when you move or even when you sit?
  • Are you too tired to enjoy physical activities with your kids, grandkids or friends.
  • Do your choices for recreational activities always have to pass the “Will it cause me pain” test?

This is not inevitable. This should not be thought of as “normal” no matter what your age.

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My spine is a mess. GYROTONIC® training has been great for it, not harmful.

X-ray of my neck from 2021I was in a pretty serious car accident back in 1985. I was driving to school on a 2 lane street. My car experienced a mechanical failure and the front end collapsed onto the ground. That created a pivot point and my car turned directly into oncoming traffic. I hit one car almost directly head on, bounced off it and hit another car. My car wound up on someone's lawn. The front end of the car on the driver's side was completely smashed inward. I have no memory of the accident at all. I was driving and the next thing I know I'm being pulled out of my car by the fire department.


GYROTONIC® Training has benefits for everyone

Maybe it’s years of athletic activity, maybe (like me) it’s a major car accident, maybe it’s spending too long sitting at work and sitting at home. And usually it’s not one thing it’s a combination. Life is hard on a body and the more life you’ve lived, the more wear on the precious tool that is your body. But there is a tool to fight back in the battle with time.
Gyrotonic training is an excellent tool for injury rehab and pain reduction.

Gyrotonic training is great cross training for athletes.

If you're not physically compromised or challenged, Gyrotonic training also has PLENTY to offer you. Strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and loads of great core strength exercises to help you reach peak fitness and sports performance. Gyrotonic training has been used by top athletes to help avoid injury, return from injury and reach peak levels of performance.

Gyrotonic training is excellent cross training for athletes.

Top level athletes like Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray, NBA legend Shaquille O'Neil and champion surfer Kelly Slater have used Gyrotonic training as part of their cross training. Whether your sport is golfing, surfing, outrigger canoeing or anything else, Gyrotonic training can help you be your best.

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Mike Luque at a glance

Mike Luque - Gyrotonic training on MauiGyrotonic Instructor since 1999

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer since 2004

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • Integrated Flexibility Specialist

Kettlebell Concepts certified kettlebell instructor since 2008


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