Gyrotonic Training on Maui in Makawao

I am open for private, duet and trio training.
Masks are required and other precautions will be taken.

GYROTONIC® Training on Maui

Training out of a boutique studio in central Makawao, I offer private, duet training and trio training sessions. Currently I'm using the Pulley Tower and of course the Wingmaster. With my background in corrective bodywork and as an NASM Integrated Flexibility Specialist, I often include assisted stretching as part of my client's sessions.

New Client Special

3 one hour private sessions for just $180.00

  • plus GET. Offer available to new clients & Maui residents only.
    Limit one introductory package per client.
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The Pulley Tower Unit

The Pulley Tower Unit is the primary piece of Gyrotonic equipment and the possibilities on it are nearly endless. We work the entire body with the pulley tower and in an incredibly wide variety of seating, laying, kneeling and standing positions. With the enormous range of possibilities with the pulley tower, it's possible to work with people at any level of strength and fitness. Because much of the work is seated, it is an excellent tool for rehabilitative work. When we take the bench away, we can work on total body, athletic style stretching and strengthening. The work on the Pulley Tower is organized into various families depending on how the equipment is being used. Each of the different families also emphasize different body segments.

The Handle Series

The primary focus of the Handle Series is the spine. There are six ways you can move your spine and the handle series moves through all of them. With the coordination of the arms in each exercise you'll also improve how you use your arm: instead of focusing on the arms doing all the work you'll learn to integrate your arms into your torso better. This reduces the possibility of injury and improves performance, whether in Activities of Daily Living (ADL) or in athletic settings. As you advance through this series, you get on your feet for standing, squatting and lunging variations.

The Hamstring series

The Hamstring Series is a bit of a misnomer. The exercises in this series don't benefit only the hamstrings, but every muscle and joint in your lower body: hips, knees and ankles; hamstrings, glutes, quads and adductors; etc. And even though you're lying down you're also strengthening your core by maintaining stabilization. There isn't an exercise system besides Gyrotonic training that will have you moving your legs in such a multitude of patterns with resistance.

The Upper Body Series

This series puts the straps in your hands and once again strengthens the connection of your arm movements to your torso movements. These exercises strengthen your core, shoulders,  back muscles and work your spine in all ranges of motions as well as more combinations of those spinal ranges of motion than you can imagine. You can face the tower, face away or side sideways. Like in the handles series, advanced movements put you on your feet for standing, squatting, lunging, stepping and combinations of those.

The Legwork series

We move back to the lower body with this series, getting very detailed with the ranges of motion of the hip joints. This series also blends into the abdominal series. In terms of volume of exercises this family has fewer options than most but can do wonders for helping your knees and hips move more smoothly, with strength and with real specificity.

The Abdominal series

You can't have an exercise system that doesn't take some time to focus directly on the abs, right? While system creator Juliu Horvath has said "Every exercise done correctly is a core exercise" and the 4 abdominal muscles aren't the only core muscles, the abs are really important and no workout is complete without hitting them. Like all the other series, abdominal exercises in Gyrotonic training offer variations that you won't find in any other system. Complexity in movement is a variable that's not considered enough.

The Creative series

The possibilities in Gyrotonic training and on the Pulley Tower are darn near limitless. So there are exercises that don't fit nicely into the 7 families of exercises. All these fall under this last category. This gives trainers the freedom to create unique solutions for the movement challenges their clients face as well as an outlet for just plain of fun. It also lets trainers take movements from the 4 other pieces of equipment and create versions of them for the Pulley Tower.

The Wingmaster

The Gyrotonic Wingmaster is an accessory piece to the Pulley Tower unit. As the trainer who developed the teacher training for the Wingmaster, I obviously put it to heavy use. While it is a very simple piece of equipment the applications are broad. It is excellent for focusing on upper body strengthening within the context of Gyrotonic movements. It is also great for helping clients improve their posture, especially those who tend to be rounded across the shoulders or who's shoulders tend to live up by the ears.

The exercises use resistance in several ways. The resistance can be directly on the body so emphasize the spinal ranges of motion and direct core strengthening.


The Wingmaster can be in your hands to add in a pushing/pressing element for strengthening the chest, shoulders, triceps and serratus muscles.


And you can turn around and do pulling exercises to strengthen the shoulders, back and biceps.

Rates for private training

Single private session$90.00
5 private sessions$425.00 ($85.00 per session, a 5% savings)
10 private sessions$810.00 ($81.00 per session, a 10% savings)

GET will be added to all rates.

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