Gyrotonic Training on Maui in Makawao

GYROTONIC® Training on Maui

Training out of a boutique studio in central Makawao, I offer private training sessions. Currently I'm using the Pulley Tower and of course the Wingmaster. With my background in corrective bodywork and as an NASM Integrated Flexibility Specialist, I often include assisted stretching as part of my client's sessions.

The Pulley Tower Unit

The Pulley Tower Unit is the primary piece of Gyrotonic equipment and the possibilities on it are nearly endless. We work the entire body with the pulley tower and in an incredibly wide variety of seating, laying, kneeling and standing positions. With the enormous range of possibilities with the pulley tower, it's possible to work with people at any level of strength and fitness. Because much of the work is seated, it is an excellent tool for rehabilitative work. When we take the bench away, we can work on total body, athletic style stretching and strengthening.

The Wingmaster

The Gyrotonic Wingmaster is an accessory piece to the Pulley Tower unit. As the trainer who developed the teacher training for the Wingmaster, I obviously put it to heavy use. While it is a very simple piece of equipment the applications are broad. It is excellent for focusing on upper body strengthening within the context of Gyrotonic movements. It is also great for helping clients improve their posture, especially those who tend to be rounded across the shoulders or who's shoulders tend to live up by the ears.

Rates for Private Gyrotonic training on Maui

Single Session$90.00
5 Session Package$425.00$85 per session
10 Session Package$810.00$81 per session

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First time client? I've got a special for you.

If you're new to training with me, I like to give you a chance to try me out without a big commitment. There is a small commitment, after all, Rome wasn't built in a day. Three sessions is enough for you to know if you think I'm the guy to help you reach your goals, but not too so many sessions that you're stuck with someone you don't want to work with! (Hey, it does happen. You can't be all things to all people.)

3 Session Intro Package - $180.oo - just $60.00 per session

There are four additional pieces of Gyrotonic equipment. While I am certified in all the pieces, I don't currently have access to all of them. That doesn't mean I can't introduce you to these great, unique and very beneficial pieces of exercise equipment. 

The Gyrotoner

The Gyrotoner is of the most unique looking and functioning pieces of exercise equipment. The upper aspect shares the handles of the Pulley Tower but with three additional joints that allow the handles to be positioned in a variety of ways in three dimensions. The lower aspect is a set of "handles" for your feet and using the lower aspect is what inspired me to become a trainer. The Gyrotoner is an excellent piece of equipment for joint health of the wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees and hips and I use it extensively for corrective training.

The Archway

The Archway is my favorite piece of exercise equipment in the world. There is nothing like it. Except for the propeller, it has no moving parts, and yet it will challenge you like nothing else will. You drape yourself over the Archway in so many different ways that not only challenge your core, but challenge your proprioception, which is the awareness of your body in space. Combining many different and frequently unusual positions to the complex and refined movements of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and you'll learn your body and how to move it in ways you'd never have thought of otherwise.

The Jumping Stretching Board

The Jumping Stretching Board allows you to do way more than jump and stretch. In different groups of exercises, you can focus on spinal movements, upper body strengthening, lower body flexibility and mobility, developing power through the legs, core strength and even rehabilitative work for the hips, knees and ankles. With seated, kneeling, plank, supine and standing positions, this is another piece that will challenge your proprioception.

The Leg Extension Unit

The Leg Extension Unit might look familiar to gym goers, but this piece is far beyond those simple machines you'll see at a gym. While the first movements you perform on this piece will be similar to how you use a "leg extension" machine at a gym, not only is the actual execution of the exercise different but where those pieces end, the LEU is just beginning. Even on those basic movements, a full body effort is required and as the exercises become more compound and complex, you get total body strengthening in a variety of positions.

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