Gyrotonic Training on Maui in Makawao

GYROTONIC® Training on Maui

Training out of a boutique studio in Makawao, I offer personalized private and duet sessions. Utilizing the Pulley Tower units, the Ladder and the Wingmaster, I provide comprehensive workouts. My background in corrective bodywork and as an NASM Integrated Flexibility Specialist allows me to incorporate assisted stretching into client sessions for enhanced flexibility and overall well-being.

New Client Special

3 one hour private sessions for just $180.00

  • plus GET. Offer available to new clients & Maui residents only.
    Limit one introductory package per client.

The focus is always what you want and what you need

With personalized Gyrotonic training, you achieve your specific goals while addressing muscle and movement imbalances, thanks to continual adjustments tailored to your needs, ensuring the system works for you rather than forcing you to adapt to the system.

If you have old injuries (as I do from a car accident), new issue from crushing it on the pickleball court or you've got no problems and just want to improve your surfing or windsurfing, the workouts will address those needs and go far beyond that. You'll move in new ways and become more aware of how all the parts of your body are connected to each other and to you. That might sound a little weird, but proprioception, the awareness of your body in space at rest and in motion, is a skill most exercise systems don't really touch on. With Gyrotonic trainning, you will learn your body.

Mike at a glance

  • Certified Gyrotonic trainer since 1999
  • Certified on all Gyrotonic equipment and GYROKINESIS®
  • 12 years as a professional massage therapist
  • 10 years as a personal trainer
  • Developed the Wingmaster course
  • Has taught the Wingmaster course to trainers across the US, in England & Italy

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Spice up your training

If variety is the spice of life, Gyrotonic training will get your fitness really spicy.

Rates for private training

After you've completed your introductory package of 3 sessions, you can continue taking private training session with these rates.

Single private session$90.00
5 private sessions$425.00 ($85.00 per session, a 5% savings)
10 private sessions$810.00 ($81.00 per session, a 10% savings)

GET will be added to all rates.

After your introductory package you could also transition to Duet Training.

Got any questions

Please feel free to call - 808.698.9648

Or leave me a message below.

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