Yoga breathing exercises for improved health and performance.

New Breathing Exercise – Bahya Kumbhak: the Extended No Breath

Breathing isn’t just inhaling and exhaling. What about in between?

Krishnamacharya demonstrating the extended no breath

Unless you’re hyperventilating, there are spaces between breaths, both after the inhale and after the exhale.

Most of the time, you won’t notice or pay attention to these spaces. But each of them has value and spending some time expanding both of the retained segments of a complete breath

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Yoga breathing exercises for improved health and performance.

Three Yoga Breathing Exercises to challenge body and mind

Yoga breathing exercises sharpen your body and mind.


US Army 52840 Soldiers learn to connect mind, body, soul through breathingNow that you've started on the path of training your breath, you can continue on with these advanced yoga breathing exercises. All these breathing exercises are built on the Yogi Complete Breath, so if you haven’t already been practicing your belly breathing and your Yogi Complete Breath, please go back to those pages now.

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The Yogi Complete Breath as taught by Yogi Ramacharaka

Deep Breathing Exercises – the Yogi Complete Breath

Advancing your Deep Breathing Exercises

202008 lungNow that you’ve strengthened your diaphragmatic breathing, it’s time for the Yoga Complete Breath. (You have been practicing diaphragmatic breathing, right???) The belly breathing exercise is the beginning. Now we’ll add in the rest of the lung capacity.

If your lungs have been compromised through injury or illness, please consult your physician before beginning any focused breath work.

The three parts of a complete breath

There are three parts of a Yoga Complete Breath. Unless you specifically develop all three aspects in the correct order, you are most likely over-emphasizing one of the aspects to the detriment of optimal breathing mechanics.

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