Duet Gyrotonic training in Kihei & Makawao – Workout with a friend

Workout with a friend and SAVE!

Sometimes it's hard to get yourself fired up for private workouts. Maybe your workday was challenging and tiring. Maybe you aren't in the mood to get "nitpicked". And of course, maybe private sessions are too pricey for your fitness budget. Are these obstacles impossible to overcome? Is there no way to get the personalized attention of a private session but with a little softening of the edges?

There sure is. Duet GYROTONIC® fitness training is available.

New Clients Special

3 one hour duet sessions for just $120.00

  • plus GET. Offer available to new clients & Maui residents only.
    Price is per person. Both duet partners must attend to get the duet rate.

    Limit one introductory package per client.

Rates for Duet training

Once you've completed your intro 3 pack, you can continue your Gyrtonic duet training with these packages.

New Client 3 session package$120.00 ($40 per session)
Single duet session$60.00
5 duet sessions$285.00 ($57.00 per session, a 5% savings)
10 duet sessions$540.00 ($54.00 per session, a 10% savings)

Both duet partners must attend each workout or the session will revert to private rates.

Having a tough time finding a friend who has the same free time for workouts?

I may be able to connect you with another client who is looking for a duet partner. Make a new friend and get your workout on!

Call and book your introductory duet session now - 808.698.9648

GYROTONIC is a registered trademark of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and is used with their permission.

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